Photo: courtesy of the German Climate Pavillion

Environmental Stewardship, ADRA’s Response to UN’s Climate Change Summit

Daily devotional

Believe His Prophets

Historically, the Seventh-day Adventist Church has founded its existence on the Bible. Adventists are a Bible-based, Bible-believing, Bible-reading people. Believe His Prophets is a five-year program reading through the Bible and selected Ellen White writings aimed to strengthen the spiritual experience of everyone who has a daily contact with God. Enter the web page Believe His Prophets for a daily devotional.

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From its first broadcast more than 40 years ago, AWR has been carrying the voice of hope to the unreached people groups of the world in their own languages. In the Inter-European Division territory, almost all countries broadcast the message of God’s love in their languages. Explore the different programmes visiting their web site here.