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Adventist University of France Collonges|Campus Adventiste du Saleve

Adventist University of France Collonges|Campus Adventiste du Saleve

33, chemin du Pérouzet, 74160  Collonges-sous-Salève, France.

Phone: +33 4 50 87 68 00
Fax: +33 4 50 43 65 80



At Adventist University of France, students, researchers and visitors can enjoy the landscape as well as all the facilities and amenities of the Campus where around 100 administrative employees and teachers welcome more than 450 students.

  •  Adventist Theological Seminary (FAT)
    The Theological Seminary is an institution of higher education whose mission is to provide each student with a Biblical, Theological and Pastoral education in a supportive and spiritual atmosphere. Its purpose is to prepare or improve the qualifications of the students for the service to which God has called them in order to accomplish the Church’s mission. The pastoral ministry is essentially a vocation, but it is also a profession that requires serious, in depth preparation in order to face the challenges of a complex ministry attuned to the needs of others. The faculty is here to help you become the best pastors and to assist you in acquiring the necessary tools, while offering intellectual and spiritual training adapted to evangelical needs.
    Academic agreements have been signed with several universities including Andrews University (USA), University of Laval (Canada) and University of Strasbourg (France) which enables students to obtain a State recognized degree.

  •  Institute of French as a Foreign Language (IFLE)
    The French Language Institute is a teaching department. Its mission is to provide excellent opportunities for students to immerse themselves in the life and culture of France, to become proficient in the French language and to mature spiritually, intellectually and socially. For 50 years the Institute of French as a Foreign Language has played an important role in the lives of all those who come to study during the 9 months of the school year or the 6 weeks of the summer course. Come to Collonges, take a little time to widen your horizons and discover another view of life, meet interesting people, experience a world that is different and endearing, and improve your knowledge of a beautiful language. An experience that is really worth living!
    Discover more:

    IFLE is a member of a European consortium of language schools and of a consortium of universities, Adventist College Abroad (ACA).
    IFLE is a test center TEF (French Evaluation Test) managed and controlled by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris. 

  • Institute of Human Sciences (ISH)
    The Human Sciences Institute is a department of higher education working in close collaboration with the protestant association “Empreinte Formations” ( This program, new in the francophone world, offers a Professional Degree in Christian Counselling. It combines various approaches of psychology with theology and Christian values and offers the student an understanding of the necessary fundamentals of human growth and development in order to lead others to a sense of well-being.

    The Adventist University of France is accredited since 1977 by the Adventist Accrediting Association (AAA).

 At last but not least, three research centers are operating on the Campus:

 The Historical Archives of francophone Adventism is the centre for the study and documentation on the history of Adventism in France, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg.

The José-Figols Center is the centre for research and documentation in practical theology of the Faculty of Adventist theology. Its mission is to encourage and disseminate research in view of our current youth and a practice of evangelization suited to our time. (Centre Jose Figols)

The Ellen White Research Centre’s mission is to promote research in the history of the community of Adventist Christian and Protestant movements which have led to its emergence. It makes available to the public the entire work of Ellen White (1827-1915) as well as an important documentation relating to her ministry, her time and her life.