Global Youth Day + Global Children's Day Mar 21 Mar 20 Mar 19 Mar 18 Youth Week of Prayer Mar 21-28 Mar 20-27 Mar 19-26 Mar 18-25 Youth Week of Prayer Offering * for Division: Adventist Youth Service [...] - 1st Quarter (for GC*) EUD ESD SSD ECD APRIL Day of Prayer and Fasting Apr 4 Apr 3 Apr 2 Apr 1 Youth Spiritual Commitment Celebration Apr 4 Apr 3 Apr 2 Apr 1 Friends of Hope Day: "Visitor’s Day" Apr [...] * for GC: Worldwide Global Mission Projects Nov 14 Nov 13 Nov 12 Nov 11 e-Week of Prayer for Youth and Young Adults Nov 15-21 Nov 14-20 Nov 13-19 Nov 12-18 World Orphans & Vulnerable Children's Day

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supporting healthcare and mental health services, providing education, and helping vulnerable seniors, youth, children and families across the world. As a global grassroots network and a faith- based organisation [...] population. It is creating unimaginable barriers for access to education for millions of children and youth. We are calling on the European and global communities to ensure safe and secure access to education

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