A letter to the #youth

The #future is yours and it begins today!

understandably hard to dream. But as a young person, it is impossible to not #dream! Adolescence and youth are phases of life in which you dream, you get excited, you believe in the impossible, you want to [...] reason for #enthusiasm, #inspiration, and #trust in the future. Watching nature languish in your youth is tough; in fact, all this weakens the foundations of a #vision for the #future. #Churches [...] Being in a community allows you to feel accepted, valued, and loved. The #Solution Dear youth, you are the key to coming out of this #darkness, this material, emotional, and spiritual night! Do

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Alberto Raposo: Early Adventist Pioneer in Portugal

An article from the Encyclopedia of Seventh-day Adventists

accepted the Adventist faith and invited their young Portuguese guest to Sabbath services and to youth meetings. Alberto started to study the Bible and decided to accept the Adventist faith. He was baptized

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A few years ago, while our youth mission team was working in an area that had been devastated by an earthquake, a young adult leader asked one of the pastors of the church in that territory: "What do you

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In the document, it says: "Therefore we recommend to Adventists and members of the Adventist Youth that they should neither directly participate in a war as part of their voluntary service in the German

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Endangered Adventism?

—North America—has in just over 170 years become critically endangered. By any metric, the Adventist youth in the U.S and Canada are an endangered species. How does that make you feel? I can tell you that

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Global decline in tithe revenue signals urgency to evangelize the affluent of the global community

SDA church, as it is the smoking gun that affirms that indeed the SDA system is attractive for the youth. On the other hand, this could be the reason why it is reported that “about 30 percent of Adventist

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An interview with Anderson Monteiro

that din't know our father and our SDA ministry. CD EUDNews: What advice would you give to youth who, like you, might find themselves in trouble because of injustice? (false accusation of a father)

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A story of a Seventh-day Adventist man from Palermo awarded the Pieve Saverio Tutino 2012

directors. "Currently Castrenze is preparing a draft for a second book that pursues the story of his youth, the path from Alia to Palermo, the discovery of faith and of the Adventist Church," said Failla.

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Mission in Tanzania

opportunity to participate in an evangelistic program in Tanzania. In most Adventist Seminaries, youth are invited to experience a special evangelistic program abroad. The Seminary, that time, decided

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Interview with Nancy and Ted Wilson

special Sabbath convocation. It was also a great privilege to spend time with the young adults at a youth meeting in the evening. I was very impressed with the wonderful attendance of over 2,000 church members

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