A Global Children’s Day during a pandemic

World Children's Day was celebrated on 20 March. What does it mean to celebrate children during a pandemic?

children in this way repeatedly: “Those who love God should feel deeply interested in the children and youth. To them God can reveal His truth and salvation. Jesus calls the little ones that believe on Him,

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Adventist Church Releases Bible Trivia Game Heroes 2 on March 25

Revamped version engages users for a journey through the Bible.

through the game.” Church leaders and the game creators hope Heroes 2 will help children, youth, and adults become better acquainted with amazing stories of the Bible. “We want everyone to realize

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Adventist Women of the Past (5)

Women's History Month

Aida Ghazal Farah was an educator, Bible worker, college dean of women, church musician, and youth leader in Lebanon. Aida Ghazal Farah was born May 8, 1924, in Mousaitbeh, Beirut, Lebanon. Her parents [...] the music for church and school events. She was often invited by other Christian denominations and youth organizations to lead out in music performance and to teach national songs and anthems. During her

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We ARE the #realchurch

Abigail pointed us to the practicality of this. With a personal story on how a cake helped to keep youth in her church, she invited us to be intentional about what we do: "love without judging, heal without [...] (Instagram account @unzip_ns ), an Adventist student ministry based in Serbia, that focuses on helping youth unzip their true self in a safe space with a variety of activities (game nights, book club, workshops [...] with Jonathan Contero and Abigail Esquirolea: https://youtu.be/-hREY1KgcMM Follow EUD Youth Ministries: on Instagram ( @eudyouth ) and Facebook ( facebook.com/eudyouthministries ) For

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Longing for a #realchurch

to and process the main message in a way that is the most appealing to you and in the company of youth and students from all Europe. The idea is for you to react to the message from one of your strengths

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Eva Cristina García Pérez, from the Murcia Adventist Church, named "Best Teacher in Spain 2020" in the category of Early Childhood Education.

Pastor Fernando Bosqued at the age of 16. Since my youth, I have always enjoyed working in the church, in different departments: Sabbath school, scouts, youth, family ministry... which has helped me to develop

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Adventist Businessman Inaugurated as President in Palau

The January 2021 ceremony was a time of celebration, reflection, and prayer.

ceremony. Later in closing, after the president’s inaugural address, the Koror Seventh-day Adventist Youth sang the song of hope, “Heal Our Land. " Parental Influence Both of Whipps’s parents

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Alberto Raposo: Early Adventist Pioneer in Portugal

An article from the Encyclopedia of Seventh-day Adventists

accepted the Adventist faith and invited their young Portuguese guest to Sabbath services and to youth meetings. Alberto started to study the Bible and decided to accept the Adventist faith. He was baptized

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Germany: Adventist kindergarten in Fürth to be opened

Fürth has also received an expandable hall, new sanitary facilities, and its own kitchen as well as youth and storage rooms. The joint inauguration ceremony of the rooms for the kindergarten and those of

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Pietro Copiz passed away

Pietro Copiz worked at the Division as Head of the Education Department from 1979 to 1990.

continued: “I am grateful that I decided to get baptized. After a somewhat aimless adolescence and early youth, during which I had lost my faith (also because I had been separated from my family for several years)

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