17.172 euros donated to ADRA Romania as part of the ‘Support for everyone’ project

the text “ADRA”, they donate a total amount of 2 euros (10 lei) to sustain the project "Support for everyone". Between October 2020 and October 2021, through the SMS donation service, the beneficiaries [...] footwear. The cases in which ADRA Romania intervened during this period, through SMS financial donations are: ADRA House - Rebecca: 927 SMS; Bango family: 912 SMS; Onica Georgiana: 875 SMS; ADRA House: [...] brings an anniversary moment for ADRA Romania by completing the first year of operation of the SMS donation service…" said Bogdan Stanica, project manager for ADRA Romania. “A first year that bears the imprint

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Today, October 11, is International Day of the Girl Child

This day promotes the fulfilment of their human rights.

marriage, and other offences—support national or international ADRA’s project with your gift. Your donation will go where it’s needed most. Protecting girls and women by equipping skilled, local staff to

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Yemen: ADRA Germany donates 500,000 euros

Emergency medical aid is provided in the midst of war.

Since 2012, ADRA Germany has been implementing health projects in Yemen together with the local ADRA office. ADRA currently maintains twelve health facilities to be where help is needed. Starting

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Michal Belina-Czechowski square to mark the 100th Anniversary of Adventists in Krakow

to establish the identity of orphans and widows from the Auschwitz concentration camp, as well as donating food and clothing for them. The Adventist community was also active during the martial law in the

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ADRA Romania supporting Armenia

550 people from Armenia, victims of the armed conflict, receive aid within the ADRA project "Call for international solidarity - Armenia"

severity of the conflict there, confronting us with the impossibility of direct transfer of the donation, because the local banking system suffered. [In] the end, we managed to make this transfer with

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Earthquake in Haiti: Inter-European Division (EUD) donates a 250.000 US$ relief amount

Following the devastating earthquake of August 14, the EUD has voted for a 250 000 US$ relief amount to the Church in Haiti.

On August 14, 2021, a magnitude 7.2 earthquake struck the Tiburon Peninsula in the Caribbean nation of Haiti. It had a 10-kilometre-deep hypocenter near Petit-Trou-de-Nippes, approximately 150 kilomet

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ADRA Germany has received over 500,000 euros in donations for flood victims

ADRA Germany has so far received over 1,600 donations for the victims of the flood disaster in mid-July, in several German states. The total amount of donations is over half a million Euros. So far [...] meet regularly with representatives of local aid groups and social institutions to ensure that the donations reach where they are most urgently needed. Clarifications are also made with mayors and local [...] equitable financial support to affected households, ADRA Germany shared in a circular email. Donations from Aktion Deutschland Hilft (ADH) would also support the work of ADRA Germany. ADRA Germany is

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Helping where the need is greatest - ADRA Germany publishes Annual Report 2020

eight percent. Only one percent flows into measures for appeals for donations and public relations. ADRA assures that the donations reach where they are needed. The year's annual report gives a complete [...] non-governmental organisation, which has been awarded the DZI (excellence) seal of approval for donations, is thus accountable to institutional donors and donors. In an appreciation letter, the former Federal

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ADRA assists flood victims in Germany and Belgium

No Adventist Churches have been severely affected by the storms.

coordination of operations and, among other things, takes care of logistics and the coordination of donations in kind, such as complete kitchen facilities. After the urgently needed first aid, ADRA will also

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The Adventist Development and Relief Agency Uses Mobile Bus, Amazon, Adventist Church Volunteers To Help Most Vulnerable In Slovakia

Without COVID-19 awareness in hard-to-reach areas, the elderly, homeless, and people with disabilities suffer.

unit that we’ll use to travel to hard-to-reach villages,” says Bielik. The bus was donated by a local bus company, which ADRA refurbished and equipped with technical control systems, a kitchenette [...] weren’t satisfied with the shipment of products and returned them. Since that’s the case, Amazon will donate those returned yet brand-new goods to ADRA to distribute them to the marginalized Roma communities

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