I talked to 10 people who are sick with COVID-19

The experience of Coronavirus presented directly by people who suffer its infection.

importance and beauty of time spent with loved ones," she said. In Sweden, I spoke with a Romanian woman – Rebecka. She is 52 years old and married to a Swede. Her husband, Thomas is 67. They live [...] original version of this article was first published on Semnele Timpului , the website of the Romanian Signs of the Times. The interviews were conducted by Norel Iacob, a pastor and Semnele Timpului

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Dear Grandparents

A message of love from around the world

around the world. Already being translated and subtitled in a multitude of languages including Romanian, Slovenian, Spanish and Swedish, 15 children show their love and concern for their grandparents

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University President Announces New Edition of Andrews Study Bible

Bible students will now be able to review study notes in the New International Version.

study Bible in two different versions. The resource is also available in Spanish, Portuguese, and Romanian. Andrews University Press, formally organized in 1971, is the primary academic publishing house

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A Camporee Full of God’s Promises

EUD International Camporee, an adventure that will not end soon, inspiring the thoughts of those who had the opportunity to participate in the 13th edition, 2019.

when they are queuing up in front of the City Life booths, where they have eaten French crêpes, Romanian candy floss, Spanish muffins, or the famous sweet “chimney cakes”, made especially by the Czechs

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AUTENTHIC Camp Meeting in Romania

Almost 700 participants renew their commitment to Christ.

society we live in. Pastor George Pirlitu, Secretary of the Seventh-day Adventist Church – Romanian Union, urged us to make Jesus our personal Saviour. It was not only an exciting moment, but also [...] for nothing, People who cannot be overturned Even if heaven had collapsed! News in Romanian https://bit.ly/2OkUlqS FB pics https://bit.ly/2GuZiXG Our new Himn https://bit

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Safe, useful, beautiful – the new ADRA Romania office centre

The event was attended by Jonathan Duffy, ADRA International President.

from Him so that you will be able to do even more,” said Aurel Neaţu, Executive Secretary of the Romanian Adventist Church. “I am grateful for the opportunity to attend the inauguration of such an

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On Women’s Day, Casa ADRA celebrates a decade of fighting domestic violence with Cathy and Jonathan Duffy, President of ADRA International

representative for the regions of Muntenia and Dobrogea “ Casa ADRA is one of the first and few Romanian centres for victims of domestic violence. Since its inception 10 years ago, the shelter has constantly [...] was renewed in 2016 according to the new national standards. The accreditation was granted by the Romanian Ministry of Labor, Family, Social Protection and Elderly, following the assessment of the submitted

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Interview with the Romanian Diaspora Minister

EUD NEWS Editor Andreas Mazza meets Natalia-Elena Intotero.

genuinely tolerant and open towards all religions. The Romanian state is dedicated to aiding our Romanians everywhere, this is why at the Ministry for Romanians Abroad we have an entire line of non-refundable [...] A. Mazza: Mrs. Intotero, as Minister for the Romanian Diaspora/Minister for Romanians Abroad, you often visit your compatriots who have emigrated to other countries. What are the main needs and struggles [...] visits I have paid to the Romanian communities in the diaspora, but also in the meetings with the ambassadors of the countries where there are large communities of Romanians, I found that our compatriots

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Interview with Liviu Olteanu, Director of Public Affairs and Religious Liberty at the EUD and Secretary General of the International Association for the Defense of Religious Liberty (AIDLR) from Switzerland.

published today in French, German and English, and translated, totally or partially, into Portuguese, Romanian or Italian; I want to express my thanks to those colleagues who are translating and publishing this

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My witnesses to the end of the earth

Report time, from Presidents and Departments.

experience a unique evangelism opportunity. Another such project is the “Romania Youth Challenge”, which Romanian youth had to carry out in a society that is growingly distrustful and secularized. 10 young students

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