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Public Affairs and Religious Liberty Department of the EUD strongly condemn the terrorist attacks in two mosques in Christchurch (New Zealand)

religious minorities, believers or not, people of different colors, men and women, refugees and migrants, everyone is unique, has dignity and is a precious gift of God; but every human being has the r

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One million signatures being petitioned so all children in the world can be in school

justice issues, including working with faith- based communities to champion support for refugees, migrants and displaced persons during World Refugee Day and World Refugee Sabbath, providing assistance to

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70th anniversary of Human Right Conference

Inter-European Region & International Association for the Defense of Religious Liberty’ (AIDLR) and International actors at the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

erosion of fundamental rights and freedoms, democratic principles, and the rule of law; refugees, migrants, and minorities face rising hatred and attacks.” Michelle BACHELET, United Nations High [...] for the distinguished panelists is: ‘How can we avoid the use of national security affecting migrants, refugees, and religious minorities? How do we protect the fundamental freedoms?” Two [...] rights; as you said, it is not just religious minorities, it can be other minorities, it can be migrants, it can be critics to the government, and there is no singular answer to it. For the respect of

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Religious Freedom event in Spain

Unprecedented numbers of migrants and refugees means new religious freedom challenges, say scholars.Silver Spring, Maryland, United States

As the number of migrants and refugees worldwide continues to surge, a panel of scholars convened last month by the International Religious Liberty Association (IRLA) says more must be done to deal with [...] according to Diop, are the clashes of religious and social identities that often occur later, as migrants and refugees are absorbed into new cultures. “This process of integration raises very practical—and [...] papers on these and other topics, including why faith-based organizations should be involved in migrant and refugee issues and how they can better collaborate. Other presenters looked at issues specific

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Religious Liberty in Action

The AIDLR Secretary General’s Speech at the United Nations’ Palais des Nations in Geneva.

to the UN Secretary-General on Genocide Prevention, also stresses that‘religious minorities, migrants and refugees are often used by parties by fueling divisions’. In recent years, we have

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Adventists Join Call for More Action to Protect Migrant and Refugee Children

Multi-faith event aimed to mobilize new partnerships to help children in distress.

Heartrending accounts of violence against refugee and migrant children set the tone for a unique gathering this month in Rome, Italy, which brought together representatives of more than 80 international [...] and, in particular, of children on the move.” The global surge in the numbers of refugees and migrants in recent years has meant a corresponding increase in the exploitation of children, who often find [...] victims worldwide are children. It’s been estimated that on one well-known trans-Mediterranean migrant route — from sub-Saharan Africa to Europe — a teenage boy has a more than 70 percent chance of e

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Interview with Liviu Olteanu, Director of Public Affairs and Religious Liberty at the EUD and Secretary General of the International Association for the Defense of Religious Liberty (AIDLR) from Switzerland.

rule of law; and we see even in Europe how many public policies are influenced based on refugees, migrants and religious issues. (Q). What about the regional religious freedom framework? Do we have

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Inter-European Region Statement on Refugees Matters

The migrant situation continues to be traumatic. Members of the Inter-European Region of the Seventh-day Adventist Church (EUD) show their sorrow at the news that continues to bring migrants on the [...] incomparable support encountering the needs of migrants where and when this is possible. You can see it on YouTube . In the Bible the question of the migrant is clearly expressed by the Lord himself who [...] consider the value of their resolutive intervention. We are aware that the vast majority of these migrants are seeking shelter from the desperation that has long assaulted them. Nobody wants to leave their

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ADRA is already working to provide support in Greece.

response in Greece. “The citizens of Greece have shown great compassion supporting refugees and migrants who flooded through their county in recent years. Now as they pull together as a nation in the light

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share just one room – and then share cooking and washing facilities with other similar families, migrants in Serbia can suffer deep socio-psychological problems. Two years ago, ADRA Serbia was busy providing [...] home via an internet café, and socialise in a safe environment. ADRA also works with school-aged migrants, helping integrate them into the school system, providing mentors to help them with the language [...] the street. In Belgium, with a continuing crisis, the church works with other volunteers to host migrants in private homes overnight, while in the Netherlands a local church is helping with education and

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