father who had suffered from a serious illness during the last 7 years of his life, his family chose to print two Bible verses on the front and back of the leaflets distributed to the participants in the [...] Abraham Lincoln, who suffered a series of failures on his way to the presidency—at a time when the American nation needed a president like him. Seemingly unheard prayers may be related to the fact that [...] the area still practiced cannibalism, and several missionaries had already been killed here. Five years later, Norman fell ill with black water fever, and the 5 days and nights that Alma watched over

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gesetz) came into force on March 3, 1863, under which all men from 20 to 35 years of age, and unmarried men up to 45 years of age, were subject to military service. One could, however, avoid being drafted [...] May 14, 1867, the fifth annual General Conference Assembly of Adventists was held in rotation. Looking back on the American Civil War, it was decided: "That it is the vote of this conference that the carrying [...] repeatedly sentenced because of the day of rest, according to Julius Mügge, who was imprisoned for over five years (138f.). When the First World War broke out, the conscripted Adventists were, in the opinion

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Marianne Thieme: Adventist Animal Rights Politician

parliament: winning five seats, up from the two they had before the March 15 election. The party currently has 53 seats spread over different levels of Dutch government. They occupy five out of 150 seats [...] little over 10 years ago that Thieme learned of the Adventist Church and found a fit for both her spiritual views and her staunchly vegetarian lifestyle. She was baptized in 2006, the same year Dutch voters [...] better place. To let people know what stewardship really means.” Looking to the Future Thieme is a determined opponent of President Donald Trump: “Trump is a danger to all the emancipation movements

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How an Adventist became a U.S. Ambassador

Testimony: Although I did not know President Bill Clinton, the Lord knew him well.

informed the president of the United States that I had not voted for him in the last election. It gets worse. I then told President Clinton that I was so upset when he was elected as president that I cried [...] other events with the president and the vice president. During this time I had the opportunity to become personally acquainted with President Clinton. Eventually, during President Clinton’s reelection [...] personal representative of the president, those selected are always people who have earned his complete trust and confidence. Usually they have known the president for many years. Additionally, those chosen

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Religious Freedom 2014: The Year in Review

wonder whether 2015 will be as horrific as has been the past year. Before we completely pivot to the future, I think it's worth a look back at several of the key developments in the world of religious [...] of the coin. Just using the last 12 months as an example, from a religious liberty standpoint, one could say we are living through the worst of times. 2014 was a year marked by barbaric beheadings [...] religious minorities. The most violent year ever for religious persecution? Quite possibly, but more to the point, the overall trends are worsening in recent years and even as I pray for an easing of this

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Interview with Nancy and Ted Wilson

000 church members and guests as the Swiss Union looked back on how God had led His people in Switzerland and Europe and how He will guide us into the last days of earth’s history as we proclaim His prophetic [...] Cozzi : It's been three years since Atlanta, you must have travelled the world far and wide. What are the signs that the church is experiencing as Revival and Reformation? Ted Wilson : “Yes, our travel [...] our own selfish ways looking only to God for guidance. We need to abstain from human philosophy, tradition, ecumenical movements and higher critical methods of Bible study and look only to the simple faith

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