Adventists in Rwanda Celebrate 100 Years of Mission

Adventist Church president and regional church leaders remember first missionaries.

Stadium, located in the capital city of Kigali, to celebrate 100 years of Adventism in the country. Adventist Church president Ted N. C. Wilson, regional church leaders, and government officials also attended [...] tribute to the first Adventist missionaries in Rwanda, who arrived in 1919. Looking back on their commitment, Hesron Byilingiro, president of the Adventist Church in Rwanda, affirmed their legacy. “They will [...] the worship-service sermon, Wilson called the event “momentous” and reminded the guests of God’s leadership throughout the ages. Reading from the book of Joshua, Wilson took the crowd through the

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“God’s Restoring Salvation---Our Last-day Message”

President of the Seventh-day Adventist World Church, Ted N.C. Wilson, gives Sabbath sermon during the 2019 Annual Council.

of 2,300 days or years with the day/year principle that we understand from Ezekiel 4:6 and elsewhere, in 1844 Christ entered into the Most Holy Place to minister for us in His last atoning actions before [...] feebleness of human beings after 4,000 years? It’s a unique situation, and I don’t think anyone can fully understand the nature of Christ. But after 4,000 debilitating years, He comes as a little child. He [...] was befriended over many years by the family of John and Pam Dysinger and others who witnessed to him allowing him to become a strong witness to others in the prison for many years. God changed Don’s life

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Paraguay’s Vice President Takes Bible Verse to Heart

Adventist Church leader Ted N.C. Wilson gives him an impromptu Bible study with an Andrews Study Bible.

y Adventist Church president Ted N.C. Wilson. Vice President Hugo Velázquez Moreno followed along in the Spanish-language Bible as Wilson, accompanied by a delegation of a dozen church leaders, gave [...] asked Wilson to write a note of dedication. Wilson agreed and asked whether he first could share a favorite verse from his own Bible. The two men opened their Bibles to Micah 6:8 , and Wilson read, [...] who are leading the country. It is a verse that you cannot forget.” Wilson prayed for the vice president, Paraguay’s president, and its people. As the meeting concluded, Moreno suggested that it had

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Christ and His Mission

Adventist Church President Answers Questions about Mission and More.

Andrews University board meetings in Berrien Springs, MI this week, university president Andrea Luxton and Ted N.C. Wilson, president of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, engaged in an hour-long conversation [...] of leading people to the foot of the cross.” In addressing the LGBTQIA movement, Wilson stated, “When we look at the situations people find themselves in, we need to respect them. We need to understand [...] the truths taught in the Bible was a central theme to which Wilson repeatedly returned. Responding to a question on the Trinity, Wilson referred to the Scriptures and the writings of Ellen White as

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How to Stop the Adventist Church Membership Bleeding

Leaders share what is working to keep members in church and engaged.

asked Scottish Mission president Paul Tompkins to an 18-year-old a few years ago. “I hope I’ll still be an Adventist by age 40,” she answered, “but I’m not so sure about next year.” Tompkins, a presenter [...] that looks to Search, Encourage, Empower, and Keep members. Sabouin explained, “When you empower members for service, it’s easier they decide to stay.” Adventist Church president Ted Wilson agreed [...] members return to church. “People often come back with tangled lives,” he said as he share the story of Becky, an Adventist-born troubled teenager who, after years away from church, decided to return.

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ADRA Romania builds its 300th social house

It was inaugurated by Jonathan Duffy, President of ADRA International, and Ștefan Tomoiagă, President of the Seventh-day Adventist church in Romania

On Sunday March 10h, 2019, Jonathan Duffy, President of ADRA International and Ștefan Tomoiagă, President of the Seventh-day Adventist church in Romania, inaugurated the 300th social house built by the [...] safe. I am overjoyed and honoured because the Ciobanu family allowed us to be part of this project. I look around and I realize that this house is not isolated from the others, but it is part of a community [...] need to belong to a community. I'm glad this community has made this project come true. As ADRA President, I am proud that ADRA Romania and the Seventh-day Adventist church in Romania have teamed up transform

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​Adventist Leaders Get in Shape in Jamaica

Global Leadership Summit makes the church’s health message practical.

family lifestyle,” Biaggi said. Previous summits, including last year’s summit that focused on church unity, lasted three to four days. This year’s summit was expanded to provide time for a visible change [...] spoke beside Everett E. Brown, president of the Jamaica Union Conference, and Elie Henry, president of the Inter-American Division, whose territory includes Jamaica. Wilson explained that Jesus made health [...] highlighting health this year after Wilson visited a wellness center in Portugal following the 2018 summit in Lisbon, said summit organizer Guillermo E. Biaggi, a general vice president of the world church

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Six-year-old Jamaican Preacher Inspires Third Baptism in Two Years

Among the baptismal candidates was young Dakarai Williams’s mother.

“Two years ago l was asked to be baptized, but l said, I cannot get baptized and go to heaven leaving my mother behind to be lost. It touched my mom’s heart. She must have seen how sad l looked. But guess [...] from the congregation, which included Adventist world church leaders and the church’s president, Ted N. C. Wilson, and his wife, Nancy. The entire day’s program was carried live on the Internet and aired [...] seven, was baptized at the Trench Town Adventist church. Another friend, Dresean Tape, was baptized last year. “I am glad that my friends have given their hearts to Jesus, and very soon I will be doing

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Adventist world leaders study agriculture as a model for nurture and retention of members

Two in five new members have drifted away from the Seventh-day Adventist Church over the last 54 years.

of resolutions from the various world fields. Geoffrey Mbwana, General Conference (GC) vice-president responsible for Nurture and Retention, imagined if his daughter had drifted away from home. “My [...] any other activity would cease and I would use all my resources until I found her and brought her back.” After an insightful presentation of the numbers, David Trim, director of the Office of Archives [...] weren’t loved. Most of them still follow what is happening in the church and would consider coming back if invited. Trim continued: “There are millions of lapsed and former Seventh-day Adventists worldwide

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Chew’s Appetite for Influence

Adventist restauranteur in California serves plant-based meals and Christian friendship.

in the wilderness with manna. This is the manna of the last days. Feeding people with great food, healthful food, but also loving on them. We look at our restaurants as being feeders to creating church [...] Starting The Veg Hub restaurant as a Center of Influence in the community was a no-brainer. “We looked at our restaurant as being that kind of solution where you get to mingle with people and you get [...] friends. “One of my mottos in the restaurant is: ‘Friends First, Customers Second,’” Chew said. “We look to establish those relationships with our customers. Then we get to meet their needs. We do cooking

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