Why does the Seventh-day Adventist Church have a presence in the public sector?

Understanding Interfaith Relations: An Interview with the Public Affairs and Religious Liberty director

people equate the PARL department with defending religious liberty, which is, indeed, a large part of what we do. Is this emphasis on the “Public Affairs” work of the department a recent development? [...] with groups and individuals such as these? Ganoune Diop: The first two words in the name of our department—“Public Affairs”—succinctly describes a core part of our mission. In all our activities, we seek [...] Adventist Church with anyone, whether a public official or representative of another faith group. Our department here at the General Conference, and each PARL director in every world church division, has this

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Tobacco and the environment

Harm caused by tobacco is identified in at least three dimensions: the person, the economy, and the environment.

of data on the economic damage caused by tobacco. I, Giacomo Mangiaracina, manages the Italian department on the site www.treatobacco.net : there is a section fully devoted to the research on the economic [...] addiction. There are other issues that we define smoke-related and which concern not only the smoker's health, but that of the entire planet. Therefore harm caused by tobacco is identified in at least three [...] (toxicity, addiction, chronic disease, tumor-causing, damage to the reproductive system), the economy (health and social expenses, smuggling, crime, poverty and exploitation), and the environment (contamination

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Why Adventists participate in UN and ecumenical meetings

of the public affairs and religious liberty department at the General Conference at the General Conference session in July 2015. He became the department’s associate director and the Adventist Church’s [...] By Ganoune Diop, director, public affairs and religious liberty department, General Conference Seventh-day Adventist believers shower me with questions when they learn that I have represented the Adventist [...] people to partner to make this world a better place for all human beings, contributing to better health, education, and humanitarian work in all dignity, freedom, justice, peace, and fraternity. All the

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The United Nations and the Adventist Church

to the extent of their own capacities.” He noted especially the Adventist Church’s emphasis on health and education, saying that education is absolutely crucial in opening minds and allowing people to [...] invitation extended by Ganoune Diop, director of the church’s public affairs and religious liberty department. Read “Adventist Church President Holds First Meeting With UN Chief” Diop, a former Adventist

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Loma Linda: The secret to a long healthy life?

the trend. It is all the more surprising that the California town of Loma Linda, which oozes good health amongst its inhabitants, is found amidst an urban landscape of fast food restaurants and convenience [...] Studies have shown that people here live up to 10 years longer than most Americans and enjoy better health in their golden years. The reason for this extraordinary longevity could be rooted in their faith [...] published, the data has been peer reviewed," says Dr Wayne Dysinger, chair of the preventative medicine department at Loma Linda University School of Medicine. [...] to read the entire article, please click

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Comprehensive Health Ministry - What picture does it really paint?

mental, and spiritual. As every church member embraces comprehensive health ministry, each church becomes a health center for health promotion in the community. We maintain relevance in our communities [...] return of the Lord Jesus Christ through comprehensive health ministry, done in a way and with an energy not witnessed until now? Comprehensive Health Ministry in Action In Acts 16 we see how Paul and [...] church from its inception through His servant Ellen White: “The gospel minister should preach the health principles, for these have been given of God as among the means needed to prepare a people perfect

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Interview with Nancy and Ted Wilson

She shares her experience with many at various meetings as we travel. Somehow the Lord sustains our health during the heavy travel schedule and we appreciate so much the many prayers of God's people on our [...] study and emphasis on the mission of God's remnant church. Churches, young people, children and departments were well represented at this special meeting. I was impressed with the sincerity and loyalty of [...] books of Daniel and Revelation are being studied and proclaimed in a greater measure. We have many departments that are helping our church members become even more involved in the great proclamation of the

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