Health by Design

EUD Health Department Director invites to celebrate the Health Sabbath with a video showing the wonderful intention of God to care for our health through the elements of Creation.

entitled “Health by Design”. In this video, prepared by the Health Ministries of the Inter-European Division of the Seventh-day Adventists (EUD) with contributions of the Communication Department and [...] the occasion of the Health Sabbath 2021, this video will be a unique opportunity to remember the foundations of our life, health and well-being, with a broadcasting of the “Health by Design” video from [...] Elements such as rhythms, oxygen, plants, animals or community life are also indispensable to human health and thriving and have been designed to match the needs of humans as we can read in the first chapter

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Adventist Global Virtual Campmeeting to Launch May 19

This online event will bring members together from around the world to encourage each other, focus on our beliefs, and prepare for the mission at hand.

the globe as millions of people face social isolation, severe health concerns, loss of income and even death. According to the World Health Organization, “the economic and social disruption caused by the [...] (GC) leadership have also desired to make a contribution. A collaborative group from GC departments had already been planning a virtual exhibition hall for the GC Session in St. Louis, which had [...] will share, followed by over 350 seminars offered in six different tracks: discipleship, education, health ministries, media, missions and theology. Speakers will keep their presentations relatively brief

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For the Beauty of the Earth

For Adventists, Earth Day should be a time to reflect and value ‘God’s second book.’

nature or listening to sounds of nature, can positively impact people’s health,” he says. This extends even to spiritual health. “Connecting with the creation that God has made clearly brings us back [...] contemporaries were [also] really pushing the boundaries and really leading.” The Adventist health message, which includes getting lots of fresh air and sunshine and spending time in nature, was a [...] caring for the rest of the planet and showing them how we can make a difference in sustainability and health by getting outside,” adds Rorabeck, a member of the Chesapeake Conference’s New Hope church in Fulton

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The Global Adventist Innovation Network 2021 has officially begun

The motto for this online event: ‘All apart, all together – now, more than ever!’

brief introductory video, Victor Hulbert, Director of Communications for the TED—who was absent for health reasons—underlined the importance of “spreading hope and peace through our communication.” The [...] continued with the keynote speech by Costin Iordache, Vice President of Public Relations of AdventistHealth, the healthcare structure of the Adventist Church in the USA. Iordache reminded us that in this new [...] More about GA i N GA i N Europe 2021, is an event organised by the Communications Department of the Inter-European and Trans-European Divisions, in cooperation with Hope Media Europe and the

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Adventist Women of the Past (6)

Women's History Month

Seminary in Friedensau, and for six months he directed the Home Missionary and Sabbath School departments of the West German Union Conference. Following the War, the mission in Europe was reorganized [...] began working at the General Conference as associate secretary in charge of the Sabbath School department. The family moved to Takoma Park. He retired in 1950. His wife Frieda was involved with Dorcas [...] an activities. On September 23, 1950, Walter Ising died. Soon after her husband’s death Frieda’s health deteriorated. She died July 11, 1966. Contribution Walter and Frieda Ising’s lives were a

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The WECARE campaign, conducted by the Health Ministries department of the Inter-European Division of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, is aimed at raising our awareness for the suffering around us.

As the Bible states, injustice and inhumanity are not acceptable to God: - You have not strengthened the weak or healed the sick or bound up the injured. You have not brought back the strays or sear

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The WECARE campaign conducted by the Health Ministries Department of the Inter-European Division of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church is aimed at raising our awareness for the suffering around us.

increased risk factor for contamination. In order to conform with the governmental recommendations, health care institutions and nursing homes have implemented severe lockdown measures for dementia patients [...] patients. The consequences of this prolonged forced isolation has been very negative in term of mental health, with more severe neuropsychiatric and behavioral disturbances among the patients, including increased

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First robot-assisted surgery at Waldfriede Hospital

Waldfriede Hospital is run by the Seventh-Day Adventist Church.

In the meantime, three operations have already been performed by the proctology department. The gynecology department will start with its first operation in the beginning of March, on the 1st. The [...] of liver and pancreas surgery with the new department "Center for Oncological Upper Abdomen Surgery and Robotics". The chief physician of the new department would be Prof. Dr. med. Marcus Bahra, who comes [...] the Berlin hospital landscape. Waldfriede Hospital Health Network Krankenhaus Waldfriede is integrated into the hospital's own health network, which has become the most diverse medical and personal

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March 6 is the international women's day of prayer

The International Women's Day of Prayer is the first Sabbath of each March.

Since 1990, the Department of Women's Ministries at the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists has promoted a special day when women have the opportunity to strengthen their spiritual bonds as they [...] is written by Zdravko Stefanovic, PhD., professor of Biblical Studies, presently teaching at AdventHealth University, Orlando, Florida. To download the Sermon packet, go here: I Will Go

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The WECARE campaign conducted by the Health ministries department of the Inter-European Division of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church is aimed at raising our awareness for the suffering around us.

Depression - Statista.com 3. Fiorillo A. et al (2020) Effects of the lockdown on the mental health of the general population during the COVID-19 pandemic in Italy, European Psychiatry Vol 63.

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