those who questioned the authority of the dominant state or church. Hundreds of thousands of eccentrics, atheists, and Christian martyrs lost their lives as all-powerful regimes attempted to stamp out the [...] executives banned Trump from his massively popular Twitter account revealed Dorsey opining that “this is going to be much bigger than just one account.” 5 You can imagine someone in the Twitter hierarchy [...] had authored. Luther’s “heretical” works were publicly burned by the agents of the Roman Catholic Church and the state, and Luther himself even burned the papal bull that excommunicated him in 1520.

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Does poverty have a colour?

lecture: ‘Where does the church stand on these issues and others like them?’ It is important that the Christian church confesses its deep complicity in the slave trade. ‘The church was not only actively [...] change things? What is the role of the Church in restoring sacredness to human life?’ If the Church remains silent on these issues, then what is the role of the Church? We talk about redemption, love and [...] subtitle added an extra dimension to her subject: ‘How the Church can restore dignity, justice and equality for all’. As she surveyed the Church universal and her own Adventist community, her answer to her

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VOTED, To adopt the statement, “One Humanity: A Human Relations Statement Addressing Racism, Casteism, Tribalism, and Ethnocentrism,” which reads as follows:

e that many members of our worldwide Church fail to uphold this biblical truth about the equality of all persons. Contrary to the teachings and example of Jesus, many believers and church organizations [...] have spoken or acted boldly enough on these matters. Seventh-day Adventists are members of a diverse, global Church and are committed to being agents of peace and reconciliation in society by modeling [...] power of the Holy Spirit, as a Church that is just, caring, and loving, grounded on biblical principles. God invites everyone, everywhere to join the remnant Church described in Bible prophecy (

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Too Much Screen Time?

There has never been a more critical time to take a “digital Sabbath.”

family and friends, to conduct church and small groups, and for businesses to function. But it has also meant screens dominate our lives even more than ever before. We’ve lost interpersonal interactions to [...] temptation of endless scrolling is more widespread, there is a chance for the church to get ahead of the curve and help members cultivate healthy online habits. There are some innovative outreach ministries [...] ever before — as digital spaces become the only spaces we are interacting in, working in, watching church in — there might be value in taking a digital Sabbath. We need to find ways to detox and to slow

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Endangered Adventism?

long before church members begin to doubt why any of their tithe dollars should find their way to the top of that structure. Once pulled, the unraveling string continues to run. Will members question what [...] Francis’ version, had issues with some of the teachings of the Catholic church and sought to find a way to enlighten the church on these proposed reforms. Thus began in 1517 what we describe today as [...] and church teaching to unite with Rome for the purpose of caring for the poor, sick and refugees. The fact that Francis is having such success with the heirs of the Protestant Reformation accounts for

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Why does the Seventh-day Adventist Church have a presence in the public sector?

Understanding Interfaith Relations: An Interview with the Public Affairs and Religious Liberty director

increasingly important with the rapid growth of the Adventist Church over the past two decades—more than 20 million members at last count—and as the church continues to expand the reach of its mission. With a growing [...] diluting the church’s identity or prophetic voice—absolutely not. In fact, it is actually about being faithful to the mission Christ has given His church. It is impossible for the Adventist Church to fulfill [...] position the church to a standing of visibility, credibility, trust, and relevance in the public sphere. That means being prepared to share the mission and values of the Adventist Church with anyone, whether

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Why Adventists participate in UN and ecumenical meetings

Christ, the principle that prevents the Adventist world church from being a member of an organized union of churches such as the World Council of Churches is that of religious freedom. Religious freedom implies [...] Adventist Church and several other denominations that have not joined organized ecumenical bodies object to ecumenism as doctrine or as an objective to fuse Christian churches into one world church, leading [...] of the earth. Doctrinal unity among Christian churches is elusive and unreachable unless churches lose their distinctive beliefs and join one of the church traditions, be it Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant

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Comprehensive Health Ministry - What picture does it really paint?

aspect, including physical, social, mental, and spiritual. As every church member embraces comprehensive health ministry, each church becomes a health center for health promotion in the community. We maintain [...] , and the army (including life-threatening circumstances), in mission medical practice, church planting, church pastoring, the blended ministry in its fullness—working with mentors, committed pastors, [...] clay that had healed his daughter’s face. My Passion I was born into the Seventh-day Adventist Church, which my family and I love dearly. My parents were brought to an understanding of the three angels’

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As They Turn 150, Adventists Still Praying for the Apocalypse

inventive and prosperous churches -- while praying for the world to end as soon as possible. A small band of believers has mushroomed to more than 17 million baptized members, including 1.2 million in [...] countries. Hundreds of church-owned hospitals and clinics mend minds and bodies around the world. You might expect Adventists to celebrate their success while marking their church's 150th anniversary this [...] ceremony at church headquarters in Silver Spring, Md. Don't expect balloons or birthday cake. "In one kind of way it really is a sad event," said Michael Ryan, a vice president at the church's General Conference

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“He removes kings and raises up kings…”

all; then yes, every Christian will agree that the church will never have such a goal. That would be according to the New Testament message to the church and the world. In fact, no matter what the case [...] allowed and desirable for an individual, it is not necessarily applicable to the church as an institution. The mission of the church is well expressed by the following texts: “Therefore whoever confesses Me [...] won’t help me nor my family, my friends, my church… Not even the God that is sermonized there! On the other hand, during the crisis in the US, millions have lost their jobs, reducing entire cities to ghost

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