Report of the President of the Inter-European Region (EUD) to the members of the Executive Committee

"God invites us to cooperate with Him in the work of saving people"

crisis persists. In the EUD territory, many church members lost their jobs. Others are working on a part-time basis. In all countries of our territory, churches were entirely or partially closed, depending [...] world regions of the Adventist Church that are vigorous supporters of the Church’s General Conference (GC) already had a reduced income, and their currency devalued. Church growth "Beyond the economic [...] been struggling just to keep the same number of members," affirmed the president. "We [have lost] many of our young people." Statistics show that our Church is becoming older and slowly fading away. "We

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countries and has resulted in a historic collaboration between ADRA and the Adventist church during a time when many churches were closed. ADRA has outlined this collaboration and the significant impact [...] Adventist church as well as the European Union, governments, corporations, United Nations agencies, and other local partners to ensure the development achievements of recent years were not lost. To this [...] households as part of a Danish government-funded project. In Tunisia , more than 400 community members who lost their job, due to the pandemic, received cash vouchers; and in Sudan , water and sanitation

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Reach the World - I WILL GO

Strategic Plan of the Inter-European Region for the quinquennium 2020-2025

d’être of the Adventist Movement and through this Strategic Plan, the leadership of the church invite all members to find their place in order to accomplish the mandate untrusted by Jesus to all Christians [...] Adventists (GC), provide a Strategic Plan in order to suggest a unique direction of the worldwide church about its missionary duty. This time the Strategic Plan is oriented around the slogan I will go. [...] During the Year-end Meeting, held on October 30-November 2, 2020, via Zoom cause Conoravirus, the 68 members of the Executive voted the adoption of the Strategic Plan of the Inter-European Region for the q

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November 21 is Orphans & Vulnerable Children’s Sabbath

Answering God’s Call to Care for Orphans & Vulnerable Children

for them, the members of our churches should either adopt these little ones into their families or find suitable homes for them in other households” . – Ellen White in Counsels for the Church, p. 286. [...] disease, or poverty. Of the more than 155 million children classified as orphans, 15.1 million have lost both parents. Throughout Scripture, God has expressed His concern by asking that His people show [...] character. Note what Ellen G. White – American writer and co-founder of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church - said: “I saw that it is in the providence of God that widows and orphans, the blind, the deaf,

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Friedensau: Groundbreaking Research on Soviet Adventist Martyrs

Over 4,000 Adventists Among the Victims

Yurii Zakhvataiev and André Müller, the fate and death of oppressed and persecuted Adventist church members in the former Soviet Union. The project was initiated in the early 1990s by Professor Tatjana [...] Pavlova from the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAN, Moscow), a committed Orthodox historian who, as a member of her working group, established contacts with the state authorities and with archives to help Daniel [...] baptized, about a third of the total number of the Adventist membership in the former Soviet Union, lost their lives to oppression and persecution. Andrea Cramer reports that Daniel Heinz himself has

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ADRA Workers Released In The Democratic Republic of Congo

“We are very grateful to God for his safeguard over them"

closely with local authorities to communicate with the abductors and remained in touch with family members. After four days, all three remaining hostages were released unharmed and transferred to the hospital [...] part of the global humanitarian and faith-based community, condemns these attacks and calls for accountability for perpetrators and justice for survivors. ADRA has been active in the DRC since the mid-1990s [...] Development and Relief Agency is the international humanitarian arm of the Seventh-day Adventist Church serving in 118 countries. Its work empowers communities and changes lives around the globe by providing

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Adventist Entities in Northern California Provide Updates as Wildfires Draw Near

on the fire and the impact on local members and church employees. Reports state that several pastors may have lost their homes, but all members are safe and accounted for. The Foothills Adventist Elementary [...] harm’s way. The Haven Adventist Church Community Service Center, located near the Foothills Elementary School, was also destroyed in the fire, but the main church building located near the St. Helena [...] homes and businesses, and local church leaders are soliciting prayers for the greater Angwin and St. Helena communities. Ted Wilson, President of the global Adventist Church, declared: "Friends, we thank

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Attrition, Losses, and Growth Rates in the Seventh-day Adventist Church

At Annual Council 2020, Adventist leader discusses the latest statistical findings.

undertaking the first major, division-wide audit of membership. [SLIDE 5] When church members turn their backs on their church and, as it were, hit the road, of course, it has an impact on growth. This chart [...] want to highlight is related to what should be powering the world church growth: church planting. As we all know, the more local churches we have, the greater presence in a community we have; the more o [...] have discussed: first, are we giving our local church members effective training in wholistic disciple-making? And second, is it possible that we, as church leaders, have simply come to take growth for granted

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VOTED, To adopt the statement, “One Humanity: A Human Relations Statement Addressing Racism, Casteism, Tribalism, and Ethnocentrism,” which reads as follows:

e that many members of our worldwide Church fail to uphold this biblical truth about the equality of all persons. Contrary to the teachings and example of Jesus, many believers and church organizations [...] have spoken or acted boldly enough on these matters. Seventh-day Adventists are members of a diverse, global Church and are committed to being agents of peace and reconciliation in society by modeling [...] power of the Holy Spirit, as a Church that is just, caring, and loving, grounded on biblical principles. God invites everyone, everywhere to join the remnant Church described in Bible prophecy (

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Newbold College Addresses Urgent Need to Renew Focus on Ministry and Mission

Board of Governors’ extraordinary meeting lays out plans for the college to stay relevant.

territory’s members. “Most notable in our conversation,” Kamal said, “was the consensus that Newbold exists first and foremost to train pastors and other church leaders to serve TED members — and now [...] region and far beyond. Ever sensitive to the needs of both society and the church it serves, Newbold has never lost sight of its mission and identity. Regeneration of the college has been high on [...] leadership and ministry, and to thank each staff member for their sacrificial commitment and contribution to the college. I am praying for every member of the Newbold family.” Day of Prayer for

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