Friedensau University: Board of Trustees Confirms Prof. Fischer as Rector in Office

is facing a consolidation phase, which needs to be shaped. Friedensau Adventist University is a state-recognized university run by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Eight B.A. and M.A. degree courses [...] some of them part-time - in the fields of Christian social work and theology, as well as a course called 'German as a Foreign Language'. 38 nations are represented among the students. Prospective students [...] the next five years, the rector will have to face a challenging work programme: The Seventh-day Adventist Church in Europe has decided to introduce a new master's programme for all future pastors from

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EUD Press release

Response of the EUD President to the vote taken by North German Adventists to implement equal ordination of female pastors.

administration of the Inter-European Division does not support an action against a vote taken at a General Conference Session. Until a commonly agreed solution is reached, the Church should continue to encourage [...] order to find a suitable solution for a question that has been pending for about 140 years. One of the most important lessons that the Adventist Church should learn is that the best way to find a solution for [...] for such a sensitive matter is to entrust its resolution to the administration of each World Division, in a similar way to the decision regarding the ordination of church elders made about half a century

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For the Beauty of the Earth

For Adventists, Earth Day should be a time to reflect and value ‘God’s second book.’

the Creator. How we act toward nature shows our true nature.” A Call for Earth Stewards Olive Hemmings, a professor in the Department of Religion at Washington Adventist University [...] which includes getting lots of fresh air and sunshine and spending time in nature, was a counterculture message in a time when the sick and invalid were kept in dark, musty rooms, something that would be [...] for the rest of the planet and showing them how we can make a difference in sustainability and health by getting outside,” adds Rorabeck, a member of the Chesapeake Conference’s New Hope church in Fulton

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Adventist Education Helps Students Join and Remain in the Church, Studies Show

Experienced educator discusses data that highlight the impact of Adventist schools.

Council. Following a simple calculation, Taylor said that a child attending an Adventist primary school receives evangelistic instruction for a minimum of 800 hours. If a student completes every level [...] which showed a positive relation between Adventist education and a personal commitment to Jesus Christ and a commitment to personal Bible study. It also affected the importance of religion in a young person’s [...] to answer in a pre-recorded presentation to the members of the General Conference Executive Committee (EXCOM) on April 14, 2021. Taylor’s presentation, entitled “Joining and Remaining: A Look at the Data

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“The digital era calls for greater empathy”

Second day of the Global Adventist Innovation Network.

responsibilities. “The use of media has a greater impact now compared to the past and it demands greater care and sense of responsibility. Moreover, media redesigns and creates a new sense of reality. Virtual reality [...] human condition is the heart of the religious message, especially in the time of a global epidemic. We need to build a new empathic religiosity.” The presentations continued with Dan Arsenie, SEO [...] Victor Hulbert (TED), and HopeMedia Europe , managed by Klaus Popa. The second day began with a presentation, ‘ In the time of Coronavirus ’, to the general assembly by Hanz Gutierrez, Adventist

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Humanitarian support in Italy: ADRA partnering with FELICITTA’

Adventist volunteers helping the poor in the Umbria region during the pandemic.

they chose to call FELICITTA' (translated, HAPPY CITY). Their intention is to implement social projects in this centrally-located area of Italy. These people folks found a location at with a subsidized rent [...] Hromis testified. Here are some of the stories: There is a boy fellow who lives under a tin shack near the railway tracks; he is a middle-aged bricklayer, he who fell down and hitting his head, in [...] now, he has a small job that allows him to find a meaning in his life; and soon, he will also find accommodation. In the meantime, ADRA often brings him food and clothes. There is also a building in

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Adventist Church Leaders Vote to Hold a Special One-Day GC Session in January 2022

One-day event will discuss a constitutional change to allow virtual attendance.

would be advantageous if a Special GC Session was called for the sole purpose of amending the Constitution which would provide for a virtual or hybrid GC Session. In 2020, a meeting of the GC EXCOM [...] postponing a GC Session should not “exceed two years” beyond a regularly scheduled date. Moorooven then explained that amendments to the GC Constitution and Bylaws can only be done by the delegates at a regular [...] virtually, in person, or a hybrid of the two. Based on the authority granted to it in Article V of the Constitution to reduce the total number of delegates to a GC Session for reasons of a “major crisis within

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"Life is an Adventure": The Ministry of G. T. Ng

Executive secretary of the General Conference announces retirement after nearly half-a-century of ministry.

the hunt for a partner. What followed was a series of heartbreaks. Finding a partner, he recalls, was his business, not God’s. After a series of unsuccessful relationships, Ng fell into a state of depression [...] letters that represent his name. But behind those three things is a man with a great sense of humor and a backlog of stories to tell of how God faithfully leads from one adventure to the next. Ng grew [...] didn’t turn out to be a doctor, an architect or an engineer, it’s safe to say that Ng’s life has been anything but wasted. Rather, he has embraced a life of adventure God called him to. Through war and

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The WECARE campaign, conducted by the Health Ministries department of the Inter-European Division of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, is aimed at raising our awareness for the suffering around us.

Isn’t it what the world most needs, in a time where losses, fears, stresses, illnesses, economic challenges and social disconnection are at such levels? – A CALL TO CARE References: [...] 6 God’s unchanging call throughout history has been for the practice of fairness, altruism, solidarity, sensitivity, empathy, compassion and benevolence. His call is for the brokenhearted to be

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Italy: Adventist Retirement Home with two novelties for 2021

Casa Mia, the retirement home of the Adventist Church in Forlì, is expanding its offerings to better achieve its goal of caring for the elderly in a welcoming environment.

such as looking after a therapeutic doll, or preparing a meal, the so-called 'therapeutic kitchen'," conclude Nikolaus. About 'Casa Mia' Retirement Home 'Casa Mia' is a social mission set up [...] administration, we have decided to dedicate a green area for the exclusive use of our users, until 31 December of this year. Alzheimer's Centre A bigger project will be ready in October [...] October. Some spaces inside the rest home will be used as a centre to accommodate people suffering from senile dementia and Alzheimer's, so they can receive specialised care. "Currently, these diseases

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