Adventist Women of the Past (5)

Women's History Month

Mount Lebanon. That year she also received a certificate in piano performance from the Lebanese National Music Conservatory. In 1952, Aida was called to serve as a Bible instructor. She went from house to [...] March 5, 1961, to Deeb S. Farah, a new convert to the Seventh-day Adventist faith to whom she had given Bible studies for a number of years. Shortly after, Aida took a sabbatical for eight years to serve [...] retirement in 1988. She was a witness to and a part of the development and growth of the local church and its institutions in Lebanon from an early age and for more than half a century. In the summer of

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Portugal: President of the Republic welcomes Adventist Church leaders during important ceremony

A solemn act in which the President of the Republic participates together with representatives of different religious denominations.

s. This was a solemn act in which the President of the Republic participated with representatives of different religious denominations in the moment of his inauguration. Thus, not being a religious celebration [...] demonstrated “gratitude to all who give life to a fundamental freedom of our constitution: religious freedom”, affirming that “it is in the pluralism that characterizes a free, open and democratic society that [...] President of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Portugal, Pastor António Amorim, represented the Church at a meeting held by His Excellency the President of the Republic, Prof. Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa. The meeting

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Let’s Not Waste the Pandemic

One year into our current world health crisis, it may be the time to ask “what,” not “why.”

normal in just a few weeks. In an October 2020 report, Stress in America TM 2020: A National Mental Health Crisis , the American Psychological Association issued a warning about the [...] It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year that the world as we knew it literally came to a screeching halt. It still seems surreal. Millions of people sheltered in place, hoping and believing that if [...] some of our takeaways: 1. Faith in God is a huge blessing . The secular mind questions the logic of faith. However, when one is in the middle of a pandemic, logic provides no solace. Believing in

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We ARE the #realchurch

reminded us we are a chosen people, we are God's special possession, and we are also a holy nation and a royal priesthood (1 Peter 2:9). You might think this does not apply to you, but being a priest is to [...] bear the image of God in this world. And we are all called to do that. Abigail pointed us to the practicality of this. With a personal story on how a cake helped to keep youth in her church, she invited [...] has chosen to show others who He is. How wonderful is that? A real church is not a church that talks about what Jesus would do, it is a church that does what Jesus would do. The church is definitely

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Through my Zoom

Second Adventist International Congress for Deaf and Deaf-blind Online

disguise that made them original, such as a special hat, a special jacket, or a dress. The most original disguise received a reward. Through my Frame. A picture through an original frame. This game required [...] included a series of interesting and original activities. There was also an interactive segment where participants were called on to present their contribution. A lottery to win a prize. In [...] registered, and a gift was sent to them. Through my Dress. A performance to show the best and most original dress. This game required creativity and imagination. Participants had to think about a disguise

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Longing for a #realchurch

closed for a while now, so it's not an extreme to wonder things like, "Can a person be a true Christian without being a part of the church? (Tihomir Lazic) - "What is my purpose in what we call church?" [...] Starting 2021 has been anything but going back to what we used to call "normal." After a few hopeful weeks, most of us found ourselves (and still find ourselves) in at least semi-lockdown conditions. The [...] YouTube channel. Jonathan Contero and Abigail Esquirolea are a passionate couple of Jesus’ followers who love to tell a secular society that they need God even if they apparently don’t. That’s

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Adventist Church releases new Bible trivia game app

A brand-new digital evangelism tool aimed at reaching the world's 2.7 billion gamers

director, believes that videogames are a great tool to creatively communicate the Gospel with technology; a well-thought-out strategy to reach young people in a secularised culture. “The real challenge [...] experience points a player has; the more heroes are unlocked. The questions increase in difficulty as the game progresses and players can challenge their family and friends simply sharing a link at the end [...] Heroes 2: The Bible Trivia Game is a free app developed by Hope Channel to share the Three Angels' Message with gamers and young people around the world. The app will be available on March 25 th for

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March 6 is the international women's day of prayer

The International Women's Day of Prayer is the first Sabbath of each March.

has been celebrated in a variety of ways: prayer breakfasts, fasting and prayer, consecration services, women preaching the sermons for church services and other special programs. A resource manual , [...] with ideas and a planning guide for making this a life-changing day for women and men in the church, can be obtained from the EUD’s Women's Ministries web site. The International Woman's Day of Prayer [...] about each other and pray for one another. It is a time to reunite with God and one another to strengthen spiritual bonds. Prayers for women everywhere create a spiritual network of empathy and understanding

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The WECARE campaign conducted by the Health ministries department of the Inter-European Division of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church is aimed at raising our awareness for the suffering around us.

include living with family members and satisfaction with one’s own life 3 . IS A CALL TO CARE! References 1. Borwin B., Michaelis S. (2015) Epidemiology of anxiety [...] creed. “My panic attacks go from 0 to 100 in an instant. It feels like I am dying, I am having a heart attack or I am losing my mind.” “People think I'm weak. The fact is, they just don't [...] Among all mental illnesses, anxiety disorders are the most frequent and affect 8,4 % of Europeans over a 12 month period according to the European Study of the Epidemiology of Mental Disorder 1 . They include

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The WECARE campaign conducted by the Health Ministries Department of the Inter-European Division of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church is aimed at raising our awareness for the suffering around us.

discrimination and a variety of indicators of mental health and psychological well-being. Those who are regularly exposed to discrimination or micro-aggressions often feel they’re in a state of constant [...] constant vigilance, expecting to be a target. Some might even avoid situations where they anticipate they could be treated poorly. Such an increased watchfulness is a factor to chronic stress. More recently [...] mortality, hypertension or incident asthma among others. Being a risk factor for mental and physical illnesses, discrimination is a health hazard. So while we are going through the Covid-19 pandemic

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