Environmental Stewardship, ADRA’s Response to UN’s Climate Change Summit

Humanitarian agency’s experts shared lessons and suggestions at the COP26 in Glasgow.

anemia rates decreased; also there was a high interest in biodiversity planting, especially among youth. “Our takeaway lessons from this project were that nature-based solutions and sustainable land use

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ADRA Europe’s response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Seventeen countries in Europe received ADRA Network financial support to implement the relief activities.

supporting healthcare and mental health services, providing education, and helping vulnerable seniors, youth, children, and families worldwide. The World Health Organisation declared a worldwide pandemic [...] supporting healthcare and mental health services, providing education, and helping vulnerable seniors, youth, children, and families in Europe and worldwide. Indeed, we were all in this together. At the

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Pastor Nino Bulzis has passed away

Nino Bulzis was the Youth & Family Department Director at the Euro-Africa Division (now Inter-European Division) from 1972 to 1985.

transferred to Rome, to the Italian Union, to hold the position of Chief Colporteur and, later, also of Youth Department Director. After eight years in the Italian capital, Past. Bulzis accepted the call [...] call of the then Euro-African (now Inter-European) Division for the position of Director of the Youth and Family Departments. He returned to pastoral ministry during his last nine years of service and [...] bilingual (German and French). As of 2019, he was widowed by his dear wife Ivanka. The two met at a youth gathering of churches in Zagreb. They got married in 1956 and started a family. Their union was, in

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This year’s Creation Sabbath is on October 23rd. Creation Sabbath is always on the 4th Sabbath of October.

field of study and how they see God’s hand in it, or organize a science fair for the children and youth encouraging the theme of design in nature. You can find many more ideas and multiple resources

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AMiCUS, The Congress - #realyou

Being a Jesus Follower in the 21st Century.

The Youth Department of the Inter-European Division holds regular international meetings for students as part of their AMiCUS ministry. The next one will take place from September 23 to 25, 2021 under [...] had one idea in mind”, explains Alexandra Mora, AMiCUS Congress director. “It had to be all about youth. What do young people want us to address? So, we asked them. And the answer was clear: they wanted [...] September 2021: #REALJESUS Dorothea Relić (@d.orothea_relic) As usual, after each main topic, youth and students will have the opportunity to react and respond to the message creatively in the response

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Education , Family Ministries , Health Ministries , Ministerial Association , and Youth Ministries . We encourage you to address this topic in your churches on the fourth Sabbath of August [...] This year for end it now ® Emphasis Day we have chosen to focus on the issues of youth violence and pornography. These are not issues normally discussed, and we know that some will

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Letter from Nancy Wilson, Wife of President of the General Conference

churches safe places for the most vulnerable. Here in North America, anyone working with children and youth in any capacity of the church must go through special training and have a legal background check.

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New President-Elect of Zambia Is a Seventh-day Adventist

Hakainde Hichilema has promised to unite the country and uphold religious freedoms.

Church. Both were invested as Master Guides in the youth ministry of the Adventist Church in December 2020 by Southern Zambia Union Conference youth director Webster Silungwe after undergoing lessons for [...] d Hichilema on his new position. “This is monumental and historical,” Adventist Church associate youth director Pako Mokwgane wrote. “Continue to live by the ideals of your Master Guide pin.” Church

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World Education Sabbath: Recognizing God’s Plan for Education

and important relationship between attending an Adventist school and the likelihood that a child or youth will join the Adventist Church and choose to remain a member. Highten Hamweene is just one example

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ADRA in Albania encourages young people to pursue education and follow their dreams

ADRA Albania operates in the region from 1992.

and future generations”. Kristi Qendro also addressed Kruja citizens present in the event: “Keeping youth at school builds a more sustainable and strong society”. The event was closed by the

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