A call to be creative and support foreigners among us

Cozzi]. "A picture is worth a thousand words" is an adage in multiple languages, meaning that complex and sometimes multiple ideas can be conveyed by a single still image more effectively than a mere verbal [...] persecution. This is a phenomenon too obvious to be ignored. For this reason the worldwide Adventist Church designated a Refugees Sabbath closest to the International Refugee Day, called by the United Nations [...] organised to open a window to the reality of the refugees who now cross all the earth's latitudes, ADRA Europe decided to hold the Art Contest, calling on the sensitivity of the youngest. A teamwork headed

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June 12 is Women’s Ministries Emphasis Day.

to women, and opened a school in Calcutta. She was prepared to go to India as a missionary with only $1; fortunately, someone gave her $80 more. The first year, she served alone as a self-supporting missionary [...] Yet they pushed beyond what they thought possible because of whom they served. God had called each of them. He calls us to salvation and to service, not in our strength, but in His.” (1) The [...] they quail and fawn before the courage of even a weak woman's mighty faith; then shall our ministry go abroad in their work, strong, refreshed, victorious.” (A Woman-Ministry, p. 13., S.M.I. Henri) Ellen

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Inter-European Division Elects Department Leaders

The Inter-European Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church (EUD) met for its mid-year Executive Committee decisions, at the Mid-Year Meeting (MYM), as regularly scheduled for May.

the current PARL director and Education director in the Portuguese Union. He has a degree in International Relations and a Master in Strategic Communication, and has been working in the field of religious [...] and Vatican City) with a population of 338,333,000 people. 178,829 Adventist members gather in 2537 churches. Picture: The EUD Headquarters in Bern, Switzerland. Credit: A. Mazza [...] Ministerial Association, Director of Adventist Chaplaincy, and Leadership Development. Pastor Panayotov, a Friedensau University graduate, has been the president of the Bulgarian Union since 2010, where he

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Inter-European Division Mid-Year-Meeting

Vote on Permanent Teams to deal with Domestic Violence

and respect of a person, whether young or old, and shames the victim; whereas, the sad reality of abuse and domestic violence is present in our Church as well, and we are called to: a. raise awareness [...] taken by the Executive Committee on domestic violence. During the November 2020 executive meeting, a commission had already been elected to study the issue of domestic violence. This commission elaborated [...] at the different levels of church organisation; moved to recommend to every Union to establish a Permanent Domestic Violence Team, as soon as possible, but not later than December 31, 2022, made up

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May 28 is World Women's Health Day

Social Affairs & Development

hand, the right of all women to unrestricted medical care is remembered, he said. "Health is a valuable asset and a prerequisite for an independent and self-determined life," Schweitzer said. Unfortunately [...] themselves has consequences. According to the World Health Organization, every eleven seconds a mother dies as a result of complications during pregnancy or childbirth. Maternal and infant mortality rates [...] prevents them from living a life of peace and happiness, he said. Through its support, ADRA promotes education, prevention and access to health care for all women worldwide, in a variety of projects, he

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New Resolutions in the Inter-European Division

The Executive Committee of the Inter-European Region presents new appointments for the term 2021-2025 and other relevant decisions.

and respect of a person, whether young or old, and shames the victim; whereas, the sad reality of abuse and domestic violence is present in our Church as well, and we are called to: a. raise awareness [...] President Brito concluded the MYM 2021 session with a reference to Jesus' call to unity: "May they all be one, as you and I, oh Father". John 17. "Unity is a challenge," began Brito, "that humanly speaking [...] plan was to postpone the administrative session to May 2021, but the continuing global crisis forced a further postponement of the works to May 2022. During the election of the world Executive Committee

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Friedensau: Symposium on Adventist Interpretations of Biblical Apocalypticism

23 speakers and 250 guest auditors from 30 countries met through Zoom.

14 as a text of crucial importance for SDA theology, and ritual). A few papers explored the historical embeddedness of Adventist interpretations, two presenters focused on what has been called “Last [...] texts has been a matter of considerable debate in the Advent movement, and continues to be so. At the same time, there was agreement that the Adventist Christian faith has always been a faith of anticipation [...] were a highlight in my working year” and “Thank you for reviving my hope that our Church does indeed have something to say in the modern world.” The symposium proceedings will be published as a book;

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Women's Weekend Event with Heather-Dawn Small on May 7 and 8, 2021, via Zoom.

Longing for God - filled - revived - called

course, only via Zoom, but after a year and a half of abstinence due to Corona, who would not be happy to at least meet via the screen? Women from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, but also France, Belgium [...] other women of faith have had with God. It was a delight to listen to her! In her joyful and happy way, she made us understand what really matters in the life of a daughter of God: that is to say God's love [...] motivating. It is simply wonderful to be a daughter of God! I was personally impressed by the sincerity with which she shared about her life. Heather-Dawn is a woman like us, with strengths and weaknesses

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Friedensau University: Board of Trustees Confirms Prof. Fischer as Rector in Office

is facing a consolidation phase, which needs to be shaped. Friedensau Adventist University is a state-recognized university run by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Eight B.A. and M.A. degree courses [...] some of them part-time - in the fields of Christian social work and theology, as well as a course called 'German as a Foreign Language'. 38 nations are represented among the students. Prospective students [...] the next five years, the rector will have to face a challenging work programme: The Seventh-day Adventist Church in Europe has decided to introduce a new master's programme for all future pastors from

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EUD Press release

Response of the EUD President to the vote taken by North German Adventists to implement equal ordination of female pastors.

administration of the Inter-European Division does not support an action against a vote taken at a General Conference Session. Until a commonly agreed solution is reached, the Church should continue to encourage [...] order to find a suitable solution for a question that has been pending for about 140 years. One of the most important lessons that the Adventist Church should learn is that the best way to find a solution for [...] for such a sensitive matter is to entrust its resolution to the administration of each World Division, in a similar way to the decision regarding the ordination of church elders made about half a century

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