June 12 is Women’s Ministries Emphasis Day.

what about Georgia Burrus Burgess (1866 - 1948)? Educator, frontier missionary in India. She ministered for 40 years, especially to women, and opened a school in Calcutta. She was prepared to go to India

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European Divisions collaborate to teach family ministries online

"We live in a time when restoring relations in families are crucial"

It is also the right time to redefine our attitude to evangelism and engage whole families in ministering to other families. The two gifts from Eden are Sabbath and marriage. There is marriage crisis

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Adventist Institutions struggle in the midst of violence in Israel

Clashes between Arab and Jewish citizens break out in Israeli cities, following days of air strikes and rocket attacks.

languages: Hebrew, Russian, English, Spanish, Romanian, Arabic, Amharic, and Akan (Ghana). 5 full-time ministers and 2 assistant pastors proclaim the everlasting message of peace.

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"Life is an Adventure": The Ministry of G. T. Ng

Executive secretary of the General Conference announces retirement after nearly half-a-century of ministry.

his father had much higher aspirations for him and was disappointed at his decision to become a minister. Relatives rallied around to convince Ng he was making a foolish decision. Being the eldest in the

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EUD Women’s Ministries Department Leaders Meeting

Regular Zoom Meetings

It is good to hear from each other, share ideas and possibilities about how women can actively minister in these challenging times. These exchanges are encouraging. This time we had the privilege of

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Australia Floods Affecting Adventist Schools and Churches

For some areas, it’s been 18 months of fires, pandemic restrictions, and extreme rainfall.

everybody else is OK,” GSC president Terry Johnson said. “We have sent out information to all of our ministers. They’ve got ADRA information as well as support material, and if they let us know that some of

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Adventist Women of the Past (4)

Women's History Month

in the region of Saratov in southwestern Russia. Her father H. J. Löbsack was a leading Adventist minister and missionary in Russia and the former Soviet regions. Amalia was the oldest of five siblings.

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owners of corporate giants should not decide which views are right and which are not,” Polish prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki said after then U.S. President Donald Trump was banned or restricted by several [...] Poland, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media are regulated by law, and the prime minister has suggested similar regulations should be instated throughout the rest of Europe. Perhaps he intends [...] democracy.” The American Moment Despite the ultimate inconsistency of his views, the prime minister is only underlining a deeply grounded American belief that has been foundational to the United States

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“Tell ‘Em About the Dream”

50 Years after the March on Washington

well-known 100 years earlier when this denomination was birthed. We needed King, a Baptist minister, to give us back our birthright as believers unafraid to challenge social convention in the name

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Inter-American Division President Thanks Church Members For Their Prayers

who are suffering through traumatic and difficult challenges around the world. We must continue to minister to every soul in our community with the love of our Savior." "Thank you for sharing your time

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