June 12 is Women’s Ministries Emphasis Day

Come, See the Saviour of the World

Adventist Church's Calendar of Days and Events and falls on the second Sabbath each June. It is an opportunity for women to lead out in a worship service and a chance to educate the church regarding the [...] purposes of Women's Ministries. It is an ideal time to introduce your leaders and committee to the church family and to invite women who have not been involved to join. This year’s material for this day [...] adventist.org/index.php/s/6EooWeTjPn2rXZG?path=%2F2021 There is also a video of the sermon in English that you can be viewed: https://eudwomen.org/en/special-days/womens-ministries-day/

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“Treating smoking is like freeing a person from slavery”

May 31 is World No Tobacco Day

and life, harm to the environment, and harm to a nation's economy. (please activate English subtitles) “We have to keep in mind that smoking is not a vice nor a social behaviour but [...] t and Relief Agency International is a humanitarian agency operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church for the purpose of providing individual and community development and disaster relief. (1).

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Adventist Institutions struggle in the midst of violence in Israel

Clashes between Arab and Jewish citizens break out in Israeli cities, following days of air strikes and rocket attacks.

the Adventist Church in Israel The Israel Field of Seventh-day Adventists has 22 congregations and about 830 adult, baptized members, speaking 8 languages: Hebrew, Russian, English, Spanish, Romanian [...] Seventh-day Adventists is safe. There are, however, some reasons for concern. The Adventist Church has an institution in East Jerusalem, the Adventist Study Center, that is very close to the points

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Friedensau Adventist University hosts international symposium: “The Kingdom of God is at Hand”

'We must ensure that the apocalyptic message remains meaningful to us today'

The speakers were connected via Zoom, while the auditors could choose between a YouTube channel in English and one with a simultaneous German translation. On Monday dr. Rolf Pöhler, the director of the [...] number of lectures pointed to problems that have arisen, as many of the predictions that the Adventist Church made on the basis of its understanding of Daniel and Revelation did not come true. Repeatedly it

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Daniela Canedo will succeed retiring Angelika Pfaller

Ministries Department in the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Germany. She will succeed Angelika Pfaller, who is retiring this summer. The Seventh-day Adventist church in Germany consists of two Unions, each serving [...] With Daniela Canedo, a woman takes over the leadership of the WM department who is familiar with church structures through her service in various areas for many years. Canedo, who was born in Siegen and [...] based in Darmstadt since 2012. Since 2019, she has also been the data protection officer for the free church in the three regional entities of Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland. For the past year, she

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Friedensau: Symposium on Adventist Interpretations of Biblical Apocalypticism

The conference language is English; the presentations and discussions will be translated into German.

Studies (IAS). It will be conducted online and led by Prof. Rolf Pöhler. The conference language is English; the presentations and discussions will be translated into German. 22 international speakers [...] Friedensau Adventist University is a state-recognised university run by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Eight B.A. and M.A. degree courses can be taken here - some of them part-time - in the fields of

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Adventist communicators face the digital challenge

The third day of the Global Adventist Innovation Network.

Americas. GAIN 2021 is organized by the two European divisions of the Seventh-day Adventist Church: the Inter-European Division (EUD) and the Trans-European Division (TED), overseen by the [...] and TED. The first project was presented by the Director of communications for the Adventist Church in Spain, Samuel Gil, and addressed the HopeMedia Online Academy. HopeMedia Espana Academia has [...] other part 35% (young) lay members. Evaluations are excellent. This project is about the “ DIGITAL CHURCH ” (the first course of the Academia HopeMedia). The course consists of 10 MODULES in which it is

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In the midst of these challenging times, Adventist Possibility Ministries is reaching out with love, support, and hope.

missionaries serving globally for the Seventh-day Adventist Church, particularly during times of crisis. The webinar will be in English, but soon it will be available also in other languages, Deaf [...] to meet this mission for the underprivileged, the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church has established Adventist Possibility Ministries . This is a ministry focused on caring through

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ADRA’s mission for refugees continues

Refugees refer to settlements in the North of France as "Europe's worst refugee camps”.

team is an heterogeneous and cosmopolitan one. Volunteers come from various backgrounds: students, church members, active or retired people, asylum seekers from Africa, the Middle East or Eastern Europe [...] Channel”, said Claudette Hannebicque. “They are not afraid to take risks, they are so close to the English coast compared to the long migratory journey they have had to get here." The pandemic

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Adventist Church Releases Bible Trivia Game Heroes 2 on March 25

Revamped version engages users for a journey through the Bible.

in 2013, is a joint initiative by the Seventh-day Adventist Church and Hope Channel, its official TV network. According to official church sources, the game provides the opportunity of learning about [...] aired on Hope Channel, which encourages teams from any Christian church or school to test their Bible knowledge through the game.” Church leaders and the game creators hope Heroes 2 will help children [...] heroes of all time in a language gamers can understand and relate to. “The Seventh-day Adventist Church aims to use the game to help every player to further understand the Bible and find freedom, healing

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