ADRA Europe first online Education Summit

The conference was organized as a follow-up to the petition that has collected more than 1.3 million signatures.

international and inclusive dialogue where people from across the world could contribute to a broad vision for educational excellence and equity for all children. The conference was organized as part

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The online conference will take place on April 20, 2021.

where people from different parts of the world and diverse communities can contribute to a broad vision for the achievement of educational excellence and equity for all children and youth. “ADRA Europe

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A letter to the #youth

The #future is yours and it begins today!

Watching nature languish in your youth is tough; in fact, all this weakens the foundations of a #vision for the #future. #Churches are Empty and even Closed The #pandemic has manifested [...] can you dream and hope if you are not in a situation where you are able to share your dreams and visions with your #community? The #Community You guys like to be together, as part of a community [...] #Imagination is #reality, #love is reality, #hope and #trust are reality! Your #dreams and #visions of today will become tomorrow’s reality – if you press on! Do not surrender but rather #persevere

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“Tell ‘Em About the Dream”

50 Years after the March on Washington

What followed next as King remembered his own dream were four of the most electrifying minutes of visioning that America and the world have ever experienced. And I submit that in those four minutes, the

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New branch of the Rise and Walk Association opened in Sibiu, Romania

the branch, defining ourselves by presenting the president of the association, Lucian Aldea, its vision and purpose. The anthem of the branch, the dedicated poetry, and the interviews aimed at the

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What religion has to say about anxiety

A healthy religious life contributes to one’s general well-being.

explicitly recommending itself as an anxiolytic drug, the Bible is a balm to the soul through the vision of life it describes. According to Christianity, man is vulnerable in the face of uncertainty only

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A Christian perspective

security, and personal well-being. In the Old Testament we find a beautiful, rather bucolic, vision of peace: absence of fear, sitting under your own vine or fig tree, swords and weapons beaten into

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Reach the World - I WILL GO

Strategic Plan of the Inter-European Region for the quinquennium 2020-2025

go. To read the strategic plan, go here . Here a short resumé. Vision and Mission The vision of the Seventh-day Adventists is the completion of God’s plan to restore all His creation

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Max Mace, 82, Adventist Music Legend, Passes to His Rest

Heritage Singers’ music brought hope to millions

their own services within the church in South America. “I will forever be grateful to Max for his vision, passion, and dedication presenting Jesus and the message of salvation through music in such inspiring

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Why Adventists Have a Unique Contribution to Make to the Racism Discussion

To fight non-biblical notions, we need to be grounded in the Word of God, religious expert says.

It all started, he said, with Adam and Eve’s sin and the results of sin in our world. “The vision of biblical equality and fellowship in love were replaced with power struggles, conquests, subjugations [...] high.” And “Jesus had to personally work with Peter,” as it was difficult for him “to embrace God’s vision of inclusion.” Later, the apostle Paul reminded Christians, “There is now neither Jew nor Greek

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