Adventist Church Leaders Vote Paul H. Douglas as the New Treasurer-Elect

Current director of the General Conference Auditing Service will step in on August 1, 2021.

2007, was voted treasurer/chief financial officer-elect of the Seventh-day Adventist Church on April 14, 2021. Members of the General Conference Executive Committee (GC EXCOM) voted on the Nominating Committee [...] in 2000. For the past 14 years, he has served the global church as GCAS director. In 2020, he developed a “Roadmap to Resilience” for church leaders and their governing committees. This initiative [...] decision of this body and the leading of the Lord today,” Douglas told the hundreds of GC EXCOM members from around the world, who met virtually this year for the Spring Meeting, one of the two annual

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Adventist Church Leaders Vote to Hold a Special One-Day GC Session in January 2022

One-day event will discuss a constitutional change to allow virtual attendance.

Adventist Church associate secretary Hensley Moorooven detailed some of the factors considered in presenting this proposal to the GC EXCOM members. He reminded his listeners that the Church’s constitution [...] On Tuesday, April 13, 2021, members of the General Conference Executive Committee (GC EXCOM) of the Seventh-day Adventist Church voted to hold a Special General Conference (GC) Session on January 18, 2022 [...] in all, Moorooven said, the church leaders’ proposal stays within the appropriate provision of the GC Constitution and Bylaws. Among other elements taken into account, Moorooven said, leaders tried

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Italy: Adventist Retirement Home with two novelties for 2021

Casa Mia, the retirement home of the Adventist Church in Forlì, is expanding its offerings to better achieve its goal of caring for the elderly in a welcoming environment.

something original and innovative," explained Nikolaus, who added: "We want to take people's habits into account, and the proposal must be customised according to the needs of each patient. In addition, the [...] About 'Casa Mia' Retirement Home 'Casa Mia' is a social mission set up by the Adventist Church in Italy, born with the aim of taking care of the elderly person in an appropriate environment, according [...] worldwide network of Adventist institutions dealing with health in general. 'Casa Mia' is also member of the Advent-Care Network . Its Mission is to develop a European network providing support and

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those who questioned the authority of the dominant state or church. Hundreds of thousands of eccentrics, atheists, and Christian martyrs lost their lives as all-powerful regimes attempted to stamp out the [...] executives banned Trump from his massively popular Twitter account revealed Dorsey opining that “this is going to be much bigger than just one account.” 5 You can imagine someone in the Twitter hierarchy [...] had authored. Luther’s “heretical” works were publicly burned by the agents of the Roman Catholic Church and the state, and Luther himself even burned the papal bull that excommunicated him in 1520.

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New 6.2 Magnitude Earthquake Struck the Area of Petrinja, Glina and Sisak

On Tuesday, the 29th December 2020, after a strong 5.2 earthquake the day before, a new 6.2 earthquake, followed by a continuing series of aftershocks, struck the area again, and was felt strongly in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.

deceased or injured members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, but several church buildings in Sisak and Zagreb have suffered new damage. We are still awaiting updates on the churches in Sunja and Donja [...] willingness to help. The pastor of the Sisak district, Daniel Purda, has been contacting all the church members in the district and is evaluating the situation. Tomorrow, when the representatives of ADRA and [...] quickly went around the whole world. Unfortunately, in this strong earthquake, several individuals have lost their lives in Petrinja and Glina and dozens are injured. The work of recovering the victims from

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Leaders Vote to Postpone General Conference Session 2020 for a Second Time

Due to COVID-19, world church quinquennial event now scheduled for June 6-11, 2022.

For the second time in 10 months, members of the Executive Committee of the global Seventh-day Adventist Church have voted to postpone the quinquennial session of the denomination, originally scheduled [...] COVID-19 pandemic. Members of the Executive Committee (EXCOM) from around the world attended the January 12, 2021 virtual Zoom session, where they listened to reports from world church administration, health [...] health officers of the church, logistics coordinators, and legal counsel. Leaders discussed the feasibility of adhering to the planned business session dates of May 20-25, 2021 in Indianapolis, Indiana

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Annual GAiN Conference Yields Inspiring Testimonies

Despite physical human limitations, God is still at work!

strategic focus of the Adventist Church. The conference featured testimonies from people who are succeeding in ministry in the digital world, short reports from World Church regions, and training sessions [...] seen this in a personal way with his church in Virginia. Their YouTube ministry has expanded exponentially over the past four years under the leadership of member Matt Gray. For example, a video on the [...] spiritually from the screen of her phone. Imagine the global results if each member used their social media accounts to share the gospel! As Neves said in response to Angelyn’s testimony: “If

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Does poverty have a colour?

lecture: ‘Where does the church stand on these issues and others like them?’ It is important that the Christian church confesses its deep complicity in the slave trade. ‘The church was not only actively [...] change things? What is the role of the Church in restoring sacredness to human life?’ If the Church remains silent on these issues, then what is the role of the Church? We talk about redemption, love and [...] subtitle added an extra dimension to her subject: ‘How the Church can restore dignity, justice and equality for all’. As she surveyed the Church universal and her own Adventist community, her answer to her

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countries and has resulted in a historic collaboration between ADRA and the Adventist church during a time when many churches were closed. ADRA has outlined this collaboration and the significant impact [...] Adventist church as well as the European Union, governments, corporations, United Nations agencies, and other local partners to ensure the development achievements of recent years were not lost. To this [...] households as part of a Danish government-funded project. In Tunisia , more than 400 community members who lost their job, due to the pandemic, received cash vouchers; and in Sudan , water and sanitation

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Report of the President of the Inter-European Region (EUD) to the members of the Executive Committee

"God invites us to cooperate with Him in the work of saving people"

crisis persists. In the EUD territory, many church members lost their jobs. Others are working on a part-time basis. In all countries of our territory, churches were entirely or partially closed, depending [...] world regions of the Adventist Church that are vigorous supporters of the Church’s General Conference (GC) already had a reduced income, and their currency devalued. Church growth "Beyond the economic [...] been struggling just to keep the same number of members," affirmed the president. "We [have lost] many of our young people." Statistics show that our Church is becoming older and slowly fading away. "We

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