The Adventist Development and Relief Agency Uses Mobile Bus, Amazon, Adventist Church Volunteers To Help Most Vulnerable In Slovakia

Without COVID-19 awareness in hard-to-reach areas, the elderly, homeless, and people with disabilities suffer.

.” Bielik adds that as a follow-up to the first training, ADRA plans to organize a volunteer camp at Pohorelska Masa care home for women with physical and/or mental disadvantages mostly from the Roma

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June 19 is Adventist Church World Refugee Sabbath

There are 70.8 million forcibly displaced people worldwide.

we would like to mention an important one in Dunkirk - one of the largest and ‘worst’ refugee camps in Europe. There are around 400 refugees in the area of Dunkirk, or even more. In order to contribute

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The Virtual Global Campmeeting has Started

Visit the virtual exhibition booths

Women’s Ministries is one of many departments and organizations with exhibition booths at the Global Camp Meeting (May 19 to 22, 2021). When you click on the various parts of the booth you will be led to

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ADRA’s mission for refugees continues

Refugees refer to settlements in the North of France as "Europe's worst refugee camps”.

humanitarian camp for refugees on March 7, 2016. There, the ADRA team worked in partnership with many other associations to improve the living conditions of the exiled. Unfortunately, this camp burned in [...] remain and offer nothing but an uncertain future to migrants. These places are often referred to as “camps” or “jungle” and pointed out for their inhuman living conditions. “We were a small Adventist [...] our work. An application for a grant was also made to the City Council of Grande-Synthe where the camp was located. The application was successful and until today, this grant allows us to buy most of our

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Adventist Women of the Past (6)

Women's History Month

Missouri. Six years later he returned to Germany. In the summer of 1903, after he participated in a camp meeting and had a personal conversation with William Spicer, he decided to become a pastor. At the [...] British territory, was interned throughout the war. As a German citizen, he was sent to a concentration camp on the Island of Malta, where he spent 61 months without sufficient food or water. After the Armistice

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Adventist Women of the Past (4)

Women's History Month

tribunal as a “spy” or “secret German intelligence,” to a long term of imprisonment in a forced labor camp. Little Rosanna and her grandmother were left behind with little or nothing to live on. Soon after

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It Is Written project restores sight to thousands

'Eyes for India' annual eye camp surgeries restore sight to thousands

its annual eye camp in Barabanki district, India, in February and was able to restore sight to thousands of people. Dr. Jacob Prabhakar, ophthalmologist, thanks God for a successful camp, despite the continued [...] and Christian materials translated into their languages. Click here to learn more about the eye camp process. Each patient was so grateful to have the gift of sight again, said Dr. Prabhakar. He

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No one Googles censorship

from publishing new posts on their platforms. The statement confirmed the beliefs of one political camp and enraged the other. Still, Vestager’s position (different from that of German Chancellor Angela

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Education and hope - keys for development in South Sudan

Interview with Simon Namana, ADRA South Sudan

coordinator for ADRA in South Sudan. Simon has been a refugee himself and lived years in a refugee camp in Uganda, before returning to his homeland. Now he tells of long periods where parts of the country

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New hope for Nyaluak

The story of a girl determined to get her studies’ goal and become the first female doctor in her village.

to the neighbouring country Ethiopia. There they lived in cramped and poor conditions in a refugee camp for two years, before finally being able to return to a completely destroyed home. Nyaluak herself

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