International Camporee "Believe the promise" announced

The Camporee is to be held in 2024 in Wyoming, USA.

Every five years, this International Pathfinder Camporee offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience for more than 50,000 Pathfinders from all over the world who gather together to play, share, learn, serve [...] the Pathfinder Ministry works in the rest of the world as well as make new friends. The main theme for this next International Camporee is: "Believe the promise", and it’s based on the story of Moses

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Advisory of the Women’s Ministries Department of the Central Rhenish Conference

From Eve to ... me

From Eve to ... me - discovering female identity in the Bible. This was the theme of this year's weekend retreat via zoom of the Women’s Ministry team with the speaker Juliane Schmidt (pastor in Mainz

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Adventist Global Virtual Campmeeting to Launch May 19

This online event will bring members together from around the world to encourage each other, focus on our beliefs, and prepare for the mission at hand.

advancing, and what exciting projects others are doing,” Neves says. Based on the Church’s strategic theme, I Will Go, this virtual campmeeting will give church members an opportunity to get the resources [...] Event organizers invite you to make this global campmeeting your spiritual highlight of the year. “Join us at the Adventist Virtual Global Campmeeting to fulfill our mission to Reach the World with

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Adventist communicators face the digital challenge

The third day of the Global Adventist Innovation Network.

emphasized. To view these projects, go here . The theme chosen for the next network project, in 2022, will be under the title “ 1000 years of happiness. Because happiness can be found anytime [...] film, videoclips, and a movie. “One thousand years of happiness because we will ask 10 elders from different cultures, each of whom are close to 100 years old, about their experiences, trials, struggles [...] Network ( ST.Network ), presented his magazine, which, in the upcoming days, will celebrate its 1-year anniversary. "ST.Network wants to meet people’s basic needs of people. We check the trends on the

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ADRA Italia and HopeMedia Italia supporting initiatives against prejudices

The Educational Trail was created in 2010 and developed through the works of some workers at the Voice of Hope Radio.

Trail” was born and is currently being implemented. The goal is to sensitize primarily teenagers to themes of disability and diversity. The motto is “Disable prejudice”, specifically through empathy and learning [...] beginning of their friendship and Coppini invited Sbrillo to participate in some radio broadcasts on the theme of architectural barriers in the city of Florence. These exposed numerous mobility problems for the [...] Trail” then began to organize events, first in schools, then in plazas and during festivals of various themes, all under the coordination of Milca Lamuraglia, a teacher and worker at RVS in Florence. There have

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Humanitarian support in Italy: ADRA partnering with FELICITTA’

Adventist volunteers helping the poor in the Umbria region during the pandemic.

About 2 years ago, some Adventists, together with non-Adventists, committed and serious people, decided to set up an humanitarian agency, which they chose to call FELICITTA' (translated, HAPPY CITY). Their [...] credible and attentive to the needs in the area", continued Hromis. "ADRA is also specializing in the theme of widespread poverty, the recovery of food surpluses, zero waste and the virtuous circles of circular

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100 Years Anniversary of the Belgian-Luxembourg Conference

Online celebrations will take place on April 17, 2021.

pandemic, leaders want to celebrate the Anniversary on Sabbath April 17, 2021. On the theme of “ 100 years in the service of hope ” the church wants to look back on the distant and recent history [...] the Inter-European Division, stated: "The organization of the Belgian-Luxembourg Conference of 100 years ago should be seen not as a purely administrative matter, but as the creation of a structure to support

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The online conference will take place on April 20, 2021.

people from faith-based organizations (FBOs) and other civil society organizations (CSOs). Themes and issues the summit Summit will address (two thematic pillars) will be Inclusion in Education [...] and faith-based communities had not been an issue in the western development sphere. In the past years, the role of faith communities in development has come to be taken into account more and more. A major

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At the U.N., Adventist Leader Calls Gender-based Violence ‘Shame of Our Humanity’

Public Affairs and Religious Liberty director urges cooperation to confront forces working against the “full humanity” of women.

— drives our global advocacy for fundamental human rights.” Diop also noted that the theme of this years’ symposium fits well with the Adventist Church’s ongoing work — through health care, education [...] disproportionately affect women and girls and reveal the dark side of humanity,” Diop said. The themes highlighted in Diop’s presentation were explored throughout the day during panel discussions and [...] funding. Although usually held in person at the UN building in New York, the symposium this year took place virtually. It attracted participants from North America and across Europe, Asia-Pacific

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Alberto Raposo: Early Adventist Pioneer in Portugal

An article from the Encyclopedia of Seventh-day Adventists

asked him to teach his son the English language. Soon the English lessons were filled with spiritual themes. A bond of friendship was established between Clarence Rentfro and Alberto Raposo. Sometime after [...] senior pastor of the Lisbon church, enjoyed the collaboration with the young Portuguese pastor. Three years later Alberto was appointed pastor of the Adventist church in Oporto. Alberto’s dedication to Adventist [...] decided to settle on the Island of Brava, even though Alberto also worked on Fogo Island. After six years of intense missionary activity a chapel was built, and an elementary school opened in Brava. When

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