Adventist Women of the Past (8)

Women’s History Month

in Genoa in 1864 into a family of noble origins. She lived part of her youth between Rome and Switzerland. At the age of 33, she was in Basel where, during a period of illness, she met Adventist believers

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Adventist Women of the Past (6)

Women's History Month

secretary of the European Division. His family spent two years in Denmark and six years in Berne, Switzerland. In December 1928 the Isings were called back to the Middle East Mission. Later Life It

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Adventist Women of the Past (3)

Women's History Month

and Early Career Lille Eppner was born July 24, 1890, in Cortaillod, Canton of Neuchâtel, Switzerland, to Marie-Elsa and Arthur-Henry Eppner. She did her primary and secondary education near Neuchâtel [...] Seventh-day Adventism and was baptized at the age of 24. At that time, Eppner was working in Lausanne, Switzerland, as a secretary in the office of Mr. Meyer. Following her baptism, her employers granted her Sabbath [...] was not allowed to travel from Lausanne to Paris until the end of World War I. While staying in Switzerland, she was introduced to accounting. In the meantime, she served in the Leman Conference, where she

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Press release: Clinique La Lignière becomes one of the 6 official vaccination centres in the Canton of Vaud

necessary to adapt to the shortage of vaccine production and supply that has affected the whole of Switzerland. "We have, above all, arranged the appointments for the second injection, which keeps our team

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Alberto Raposo: Early Adventist Pioneer in Portugal

An article from the Encyclopedia of Seventh-day Adventists

dedicate his life to spreading the Adventist message. In October 1911, he departed for Gland, Switzerland, where he enrolled in the theology program of the Latin Union School. Alberto finished his theology

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Stimme der Hoffnung becomes Hope Media Europe

Institute, founded in 1948, is the oldest institute for free Bible teaching in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The Hope Audio Library service was started in 1964 as an audio library for the blind. Hope [...] countries across central, western, southern and eastern Europe. Its headquarters is located in Bern, Switzerland. Further information: www.hopemedia.de

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Passion for the Lord’s mission

Dr. Pierre Winandy passed away on December 2, 2020 – After a life spent sharing the gospel.

Winandy retired in 1994, and the couple spent the last part of their still-active life in Krattigen (Switzerland). He survived his wife, Gisela, who passed away in early 2015. His former student and current

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ADRA-Switzerland sends 3,302 parcels for children to Moldova

'Päckli' for orphans, disabled children, impoverished families.

head of the Päckli campaign for ADRA Switzerland. Päckli for orphans, disabled children, impoverished families According to ADRA, the packages from Switzerland have been distributed, since 2009 [...] Christmas packages by volunteers of the Adventist Development and Disaster Relief Agency (ADRA) Switzerland. The railcar full of parcels was destined for disadvantaged children in Moldova. Children and parents [...] Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas on January 6 th and 7 th . On the homepage of ADRA Switzerland ( www.adra.ch ) as well as on the Facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/ADRA.Schweiz/ )

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The Dance of Joy - Baptism in Switzerland

"I didn't fall back into alcohol. I've experienced my strength in God!"

God... Until the day he invited me to go to his church, the Hispanic Adventist Church in Lignon (Switzerland). It was my first contact with the Adventist Church. What is amazing is that I come from a

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Pastor Daniel Belvedere passed away

On October 3, 2020 at 7.30 p.m., the faithful soldier of the Lord took his rest in the Lord.

Director of the Personal Ministries and Sabbath School in the Euro-African division, located in Switzerland (today, Inter-European Division). He retired in 2004 and moved back with his wife

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