2,000 Baptized in the Philippines, 500 of them former rebels

Thousands were recently baptized in the Philippines following an AWR four-year TIM project.

Wilson, together with the Adventist World Radio president, Duane McKey, and the Southern Asia-Pacific Division president, Samuel Saw, led the inauguration of the new Center of Influence. Hurdled by the challenges

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Women’s Ministries National Convention  in Spain

Inspired by His Love

sexist interpretation of the Bible about women. We were also blessed to welcome Dagmar Dorn, the Division's Women's Ministries Director, who encouraged and counseled us in our projects. She also preached

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Adventists Pray for God to Open Doors to the Gospel in North Korea

Leaders and church members gather near the Korean Demilitarized Zone to pray.

On September 11, 2021, leaders from the Northern Asia-Pacific Division (NSD), Korean Union Conference, East Central Korean Conference, and West Central Korean Conference held a special prayer Saturday [...] ” The original version of this story was posted on the Northern Asia-Pacific Division news site .

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ADRA Europe’s response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Seventeen countries in Europe received ADRA Network financial support to implement the relief activities.

9 from the Inter-European Division (Belgium, Bulgaria, Czechia, France, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain) 8 from the Trans-European Division (BiH, Croatia, Greece, Montenegro

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November 6 to 13 is the annual week of prayer

This year’s theme is “I will go”.

" writes Pastor Mario Brito, leader of Adventists in Western and Southern Europe (Inter-European Division – EUD), in his contribution: "Christ is the centre of our proclamation." Themes of some of

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Uncertainty Projects – Season 2 World Premiere

‘Uncertainty’ explores the most common feeling globally shared in our world today: uncertainty. The project explores the feeling of uncertainty, it scrutinizes it, and it offers a spiritual escape route.

Inter-European Division (EUD), Trans-European Division (TED), North American Division (NAD), Inter-American Division (IAD) , and together or in association with several other divisions around the globe [...] the Psalm 23 clip (for social media) and the U3 documentary film (produced by the North American Division for the project!). All these resources and materials, of Season One and Season Two, are available [...] you can live and trust. Please watch and share these films ", so Paulo Macedo, Inter-European Division Communication Director. For more information, please connect here .

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Women’s Ministries Associate Director Relocates

Heartfelt Appreciation for Raquel Arrais

and developed the Women's Ministries Division in the General Conference for the past 16 years. Raquel has been a popular and valued guest speaker in our division whether at conventions, continuing education [...] grateful that our division was always included among the recipients. This has benefited many young women who are now serving I want to join the women of the Inter-European Division in thanking Raquel [...] Associate director of WM at the General Conferencereceived a call to the Northern Asia-Pacific Division with her husband to lead the Women’s Ministries, Children’s Ministry, Family Ministries departments

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I will Go - Global Women’s Ministries Conference

Two-day Online Event

years, Raquel Arrais. Raquel and her husband have accepted appointments to the North Asia Pacific Division with headquarters in Seoul, Korea, where they will be serving the people of Asia. Heather-Dawn and

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Pastor Nino Bulzis has passed away

Nino Bulzis was the Youth & Family Department Director at the Euro-Africa Division (now Inter-European Division) from 1972 to 1985.

take his place at the division.” “Nino was an example of great perseverance and dedication,” continued Cozzi. “One day we will meet him again!” The Inter-European Division expresses its heartfelt [...] the Italian capital, Past. Bulzis accepted the call of the then Euro-African (now Inter-European) Division for the position of Director of the Youth and Family Departments. He returned to pastoral ministry [...] in Rome,” explained Corrado Cozzi, former Youth and Communications Director at the Inter-European Division. “I have always admired his enthusiastic and caring attitude towards children. A pastor who always

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Adventist Church Selects New Liaison to Jewish People

Reinaldo W. Siqueira becomes director of World Jewish-Adventist Friendship Center.

family by the Lord through His church,” said Siqueira, who also has overseen the South American Division’s relations with the Jewish people since 2003. “I pray that the Lord might guide us in service [...] Before that, he served as dean of the Latin American Theological Seminary of the South American Division from 2012-2015 and director of Adventist-Jewish relations for the Brazilian Central Union from 1998-2002

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