ADRA in Albania encourages young people to pursue education and follow their dreams

ADRA Albania operates in the region from 1992.

organization. Through supplementary classes on literacy and numeracy and social classes, ADRA empowers children with learning difficulties in schools of Kruja region and suburbs of Tirana since 2013. Besides

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enditnow® is a worldwide church initiative

packets with contributions from six additional co-sponsoring departments of the General Conference: Children's Ministries , Education , Family Ministries , Health Ministries , Ministerial Association

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On World Refugee Day, young artists received awards and recognition

Art Contest "Hear me. See me. Walk with me." Awards 2021.

Holford, Children and Family Ministries director at TED and Elsa Cozzi, former Children's Ministries at EUD. "I was so inspired and moved by the wonderful pieces of art that the children and families [...] See me. Walk with me." About fifty participants took part, most of them children and their parents. More than 40 children and young artists sent in their work to show their support to refugees. "It [...] with God in this mission of compassion for the oppressed. To see the works presented by the children and families, click here and to see the entire ceremony, click here . The jury examined

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LWF elects Estonian Anne Burghardt as new General Secretary

Election marks first woman and first Central and Eastern European pastor to head global communion of churches

Burghardt, also an ordained pastor of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church and they have two children. Rev. Burghardt and Zimbabwean pastor Rev. Dr Kenneth Mtata were shortlisted for the position

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Women‘s Online Conference in the Czech Republic


to seek happiness although she was only the „second-best“. Adriana, a young mother of two small children, who suffered a ruptured appendix and almost died of sepsis was interviewed by Iveta. Her recovery

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Elections in the Bulgarian Union

Mario Brito, president of the Inter-European Division (EUD), and Rainer Wantischek, EUD Family and Children’s Ministries director, participated at the meeting.

prayers should continue to accompany the Bulgarian Union,” commented Rainer Wanitschek, EUD Family & Children’s Ministries director and participant of the meeting, “as the country suffers from the fact that

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Women’s Emphasis Day 2021 - not as usual

Hanse Conference Women’s Network

„Time.“ „Time, where have you gone, I think when I lie down on the couch in the evening after the children have finally fallen asleep and I can rest. Then I think about the day and often realize that it

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Anytime access to family and mental health webinars

A fruitful collaboration between the Trans-European Division (TED) and Inter-European Division (EUD) Family Ministries departments.

Holford (TED) The following webinars was presented for the Children’s Ministry Department of the South England Conference: • Helping children to balance their emotions – Karen Holford • Loving

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A call to be creative and support foreigners among us

in partnership with Children, Youth and Family Ministries of the Seventh-Day Adventists Church in Europe, launched an Art Contest ‘COMPASSION for ALL’ in order to encourages children, young people and family [...] sensitivity of the youngest. A teamwork headed by ADRA Europe organised the event inviting children and youth to use their talents and share the message where everyone deserves to be treated with [...] compassion and love – to live as God intended. And the result was not long in coming. Many children and youth sent their artworks, depicting the subject of refugees in their own style and cathegory

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June 19 is Adventist Church World Refugee Sabbath

There are 70.8 million forcibly displaced people worldwide.

war, persecution, or natural disaster. Refugees are not statistics — but people, mothers, fathers, children, and the elderly, whose lives have been turned upside down by prejudice, conflict, violence, or [...] 7 million people) are hosted by the world’s poorest countries. Half of the world’s refugees are children, and more than a half of school-aged refugees do not attend school. Refugees are defined and

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