Europe in history, etymology and mythology

According to the Greek mythology Europe, daughter of a Phoenician king, was born at Tyre in Lebanon.

continent Europe was named after her. Interestingly, one of the most exceptional prophecies of the Bible concerns the city of Tyrus, a Mediterranean merchant city 60km north of Nazareth. At the time Tyrus

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theorists.” Their cautions about papal influence in global affairs are dismissed as “hate speech.” Bible-believing Christians have, for 250 years, been both eager for the promise of America as a defender [...] sequence of three tyrannical powers, concluding with the emergence of a “lamblike beast” that many Bible expositors believe symbolizes the United States. Each of these three powers, in turn, wages war “against [...] of “the merchants of the earth” to accomplish its liberty-destroying objectives? How should Bible-believing Christians relate to the threat of government and business working together to enforce “social

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Alberto Raposo: Early Adventist Pioneer in Portugal

An article from the Encyclopedia of Seventh-day Adventists

their young Portuguese guest to Sabbath services and to youth meetings. Alberto started to study the Bible and decided to accept the Adventist faith. He was baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist Church in [...] Portuguese Seminary (Seminário Adventista de Portalegre). From 1953 until 1957 he directed the Portuguese Bible Correspondence School. Alberto Fernando Raposo retired from active service in 1957 and died

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the confusion presented in Bible prophecy. Probably, the COVID-19 virus will come under control, but "this other virus" will continue until Christ returns. So says the Bible. Therefore, it is in our interest [...] Theories Study the Bible for yourself and go daily to the true, sure and inexhaustible source: Jesus. Ask the Holy Spirit to be with you. Spend more time with the Bible and in prayer than on [...] scapegoat. Everything that happens is "part of the conspiracy" and that's it. On the contrary, the Bible tells us: "do not call everything a conspiracy, as they do" ( Isaiah 8:12 ). The truth is that

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Does poverty have a colour?

individual. We can talk more than we do about poverty, dignity, and equality from the pulpit and in Bible study groups without being party-political. We can review the way we as families and as a church spend

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A Christian perspective

The original article was published on this web site . 1 Bible texts are from the Holy Bible, New International Version . Copyright ã 1973, 1978, 1984, 2011 by Biblica, Inc.

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scholars employed seven years earlier by King James I released an “authorized” version of the Bible “ newly translated out of the original tongues, and with the former translations diligently compared [...] revised.” That translation, widely known today as the King James Version, has inspired generations of Bible teachers, preachers, and workers to share the gospel with millions around the globe. In the 1700s [...] funds but trusted his needs to God and saw them met every single time. Those who know their Bible will recall that establishing a memorial connected with prayer isn’t unusual. In Genesis 35, we read

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VOTED, To adopt the statement, “One Humanity: A Human Relations Statement Addressing Racism, Casteism, Tribalism, and Ethnocentrism,” which reads as follows:

9:27 ). We will teach and urge that God’s truth about human origins and equality as taught in the Bible is the wisest foundation for all human relationships. God places a special responsibility upon [...] biblical principles. God invites everyone, everywhere to join the remnant Church described in Bible prophecy ( Rev 12:17 ) in proclaiming the everlasting gospel which focuses on the righteousness

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Self-esteem and religion, a complicated relationship

Christianity. The Bible constantly speaks to people as responsible moral agents. It acknowledges that human nature somewhat limits our abilities because it predisposes us to sin. But the Bible also advocates

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We are more than we can easily explain

free will. From a Christian point of view, however, free will is easier to understand, because the Bible recognises that man cannot act independently of the influence of sin, but the man “born again,”—that

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