Teach us to pray

Italian Women Meet to Pray

the Lord for this experience of prayer and sharing. Reported by Lina Ferrara, WM Director, Italian Union

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Unicoop Firenze supports the hospitality of Meyer's relatives at CasAurora

CasAurora is a hospitality facility of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church.

Adventist Institute of Biblical Culture of the Seventh-day Adventist Christian Church of the Italian Union, in Florence. Since 2014, it has been hosting the families of hospitalised patients, having also [...] important cities of art, but it is also known for the presence of important hospitals, the pride of Italian healthcare. Specifically, the Meyer University Hospital is one of Italy's most important pediatric

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much higher. In the Inter-European Division, many churches hosted thematic sermons and some unions broadcasted special online programs to celebrate God as our Creator and Savior. At the European Branch [...] which you are welcome to check out and join. We were also very glad to release the Romanian and Italian versions of The Flooded Desert, a comic book for young and old to learn about the work and d [...] 23rd. We have over 10 months to prepare for it and there are no too big or too small programs. Every union, conference, school, church, pathfinder club, youth group, student association, family department

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Press release EUD: Charta Ecumenica di Bologna

Statement on the position of the Inter-European Division on the involvement of an Italian Seventh-day Adventist Pastor in the signing of the Ecumenical Charter of the Council of the Christian Churches of Bologna.

the Adventist Italian Union. This clearly demonstrated that the event in Bologna does not change the official position of Adventist Church in Italy. Statement of the Italian Union of the Seventh-day [...] This event and the signing of the document do not represent the position of the Italian Union. As officers of the Italian Union, we were not aware of this programme which was a local initiative of the pastor [...] must never be conditioned by any earthly organization or power. The Seventh-day Adventist Italian Union officers. Articles and statements on inter-religion relationships The principle

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Gianfranco Rossi

Remembering a courageous pioneer which made the difference for the benefit of Adventist Church and for humanity in the field of human right.

tutor and teacher at the Institute for some time, in June 1954, he was called to Rome by the Italian Adventist Union to take up the post of director at the Department of Public Affairs and Religious Liberty [...] of the path that would later result in the signing of the agreement between the Italian Adventist Church and the Italian State. His contacts with the minister and then president Giulio Andreotti, among [...] funeral message was presented by Pastor Giuseppe Cupertino, Stewardship Ministry director of the Italian Adventist Church and a long-time friend of the Rossi family. In his message, Pastor Cupertino

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“Photography is about sharing something that moved you with others”

using his skills for church and mission. Felicia Tonga, digital media specialist from the Lake Union Conference in the North American Division, commented on the diversity of the conference attendees [...] Corrado Cozzi, who not only remarkably improved his own photo skills during the day, but as a keen Italian cook, provided exquisite food twice daily. The combination of low-cost accommodation at the

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Italy: Three Adventist families affected by the fires in Sicily

The flames burned their houses. They need our prayers.

unusable,” came the explanation from Pastor Constantin Dinca, director of the Sicilian Field of the Italian Union of Churches Conference. “All they worked for their whole life disappeared in a nightmare

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Ivanka Bulzis passed away

‘Dear mother, I’m writing with a golden pen, because when I write about you, I can only write in golden letters.’

subsequently went to Rome as chief colporteur for the Italian Union, for eight years, including four years as youth director for the Italian Union. Thereafter he was called to work at the EUD in the [...] fruits of their union came with the births of Patrizia, in Bolzano and Lorena, in Rome. Nino Bulzis spent his appointment as pastor in Bolzano for seven years, in a bilingual church (Italian and German)

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Mind Your Health

Seventh-day Adventist Church General Conference Inter-European Region Executive Committee meets in Freudenstadt, Germany for the annual Midyear meeting.

Brito. "A very positive meeting, full of camaraderie," says Stefano Paris, president of the Italian Union. "There have been moments of intense work, but also moments of spiritual parting," says Paris [...] gathering for this midyear session was composed of approximately 40 members, mainly country Church Union presidents and Institution directors directly belonging to the EUD offices. This session of [...] been a change of direction. For some peculiar aspects, the officers gathered the presidents of the Unions (approx. 11) the weekend before the Committee meeting, which started on Sunday afternoon with the

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Dr. Raúl Lorenzo Posse Álvarez has passed away

"We lost a giant of faith"

Education of the Southern European Union, which included Europe, Africa, and the Atlantic Islands. In 1983, he was appointed director of Education of the Spanish Union and professor of theology at the [...] located in Florence, Italy. He was also director of the Department of Education and Family of the Italian Union. In 1993, he returned to Spain to serve as director of the Department of Education and [...] "Prof. Raul Posse was the Director of the Adventist Institute of Biblical Culture (1986-1991), now Italian Adventist University "Villa Aurora", [who] welcomed me to Florence, along with the sweet Ines, faithful

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