Faculty of Theology implemented a certain number of initiatives in response to the crisis that we are currently facing. Notably, the Faculty has recently published a special issue of the Adventist [...] address certain keywords :a story of an epidemic in the time of Samuel, the prophet; Psalm 91, used by some as justification for not following health security measures; and even a discussion on the first [...] and signs of the times. A medical-psychological perspective is also included. Finally, questions that are primarily pastoral and theological are addressed (See below for a detailed chart of topics)

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A tribute to the nurses

The effects of the coronavirus pandemic continue. Medical personnel do not give up.

Can you tell us, in a short outline, what was your strategic plan? My plan was that we immediately set up a pandemic crisis team that [would meet] every day at 7 a.m. and 12 p.m. to discuss [...] the musical notes of a violin of Thierry Lenoir, chaplain of the Clinique, and the Alpen Horn of Olivier Meuwly, Technician Responsible of Medical devises, resound several times a week. Through the harmonies [...] (relatives of patients were prohibited from visiting). The church hall was converted into a coronavirus rescue center. A daycare center was set up so that the children of our doctors and nurses are taken care

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Gianfranco Rossi

Remembering a courageous pioneer which made the difference for the benefit of Adventist Church and for humanity in the field of human right.

she was also a valid counselor for him. Mario Brito, Inter-European Region (EUD) president, and current AIDLR president, remember Gianfranco Rossi saying, “He was a man of vision, a religious liberty [...] at the ripe old age of 95. He was born in Berzio (Lecco) on November 15, 1924, in a Catholic family. After completing a degree in mathematics and physics, obtained at the University of Florence in 1953 [...] "He always maintained, however, the humility of recognizing himself a small instrument in the hands of the Lord. And we have a duty not to forget his lecture," says Davide Romano. Gianfranco Rossi

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said Manual which is a photo of Salève from a central view with trees chapel at Adventist Campus Salève (CAS). A bit of history: the Collonges Declaration is part of a series of decisions taken [...] representing the Adventist Faculty of theology, Ivan Dekker Dos Santos, a lawyer and professor at the University of Geneva, and John Graz, director of the CILRAP. The president of the CAS, Jean Philippe [...] state and religion, laws on blasphemy and apostasy ... are clearly stated. Among the signatories John Graz was invited to represent the CILRAP. It is in this context, that two professional seminars

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Collonges: 4th Festival for Religious Freedom

"Should we grant liberty to the enemies of liberty?"

theology; John Graz, director of the International Centre for Religious Freedom and Public Affairs ( CILRAP ). The debate arouse much interest in the audience. It was shown that liberty of expression is a fundamental [...] and violence. The program included also a worship service centered on "Liberty and Truth", centered on the life of Saul who fought liberty at first as a result of his convictions, and became Paul, [...] again a very successful event. It attracted the church members in the morning, the scholars and religious freedom supporters in the afternoon symposium and hundreds of people in the evening for a great

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Collonges, Salève Adventist Campus: Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

"The Salève Adventist Campus is at the forefront internationally for the promotion of religious freedom"

Adventist Campus, a meeting of experts selected by HCDH will take place on December 14 and 15 on the same campus. According to John Graz, director of CILRAP: "This is a cooperation that we had a hard time imagining [...] various religious groups, they visited a calligraphy exhibition by Abdelrazzak Fadloun on the 18 commitments of "Faith for Rights". After the speech of MM. John Graz (Director of CILRAP), they attended meetings [...] and were also present at a concert on the theme of the 18 commitments of "Faith for Rights" with Mrs. Ursula Loizides on the flute, MM. Michael Wiener on the piano and John Graz as narrator. These two

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Religious Freedom event in Spain

Unprecedented numbers of migrants and refugees means new religious freedom challenges, say scholars.Silver Spring, Maryland, United States

General of Religious Affairs for Spain’s Ministry of Justice. Ambassador John Nay, president of IRLA, presented Professor de la Hera with a plaque that acknowledged his many years of scholarly work in the field [...] As the number of migrants and refugees worldwide continues to surge, a panel of scholars convened last month by the International Religious Liberty Association (IRLA) says more must be done to deal with [...] IRLA’s 19 th Meeting of Experts, held in Cordoba, Spain, brought together renowned scholars from a variety of academic disciplines to explore this issue. But the topics discussed were anything but academic

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Religious Liberty Festival in France

The goal was to raise people’s awareness of this issue and to remember that many populations are deprived of this freedom.

for us to be proud of our beliefs and identity of Christians. In the afternoon, a symposium gathered John Graz, who spoke about the persecution of Christians in the world; Sylvie de Pontual (the former [...] doing it, and finally to put into practice Christ’s method: love, non-violence and conviction. John Graz, the director of the International Center of Religious Liberty and Religious Affairs, was the main [...] people, one of which was organized by Pascal Rodet, the Youth Director of the Union. Finally, a concert concluded the day, on the theme: I sing your name, Liberty! It started with the famous cello

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Religious Freedom World Congress in Florida

The theme was "Hope, peace, and coexistence".

Bratosin , a professor at Paul Valéry University in Montpellier, and Patricia Sablier , teacher and secretary general of the Guadalupe Association of Religious Freedom. John Graz , the Director [...] Affairs (CIRLAP), and former Secretary General of the IRLA (1995 -2015) gave a presentation on the promotion of Religious Freedom in a plenary session and hosted two workshops. In conjunction with [...] Professors Nicholas Miller of Andrews University, Juan Vives of Plata University, and John Graz met to discuss the possibility of organizing meetings and to share several symposiums.

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Religious freedom comes again in Switzerland !

The proliferation of extremism threatens citizens' trust in government institutions at the risk of social implosion.

his opinion, meetings between communities are a priority way of achieving this goal. This intervention was followed by a lecture given by Dr. John Graz, former Secretary General of the International [...] in history and the need for a sustained commitment to promoting religious freedom. At the end of the ceremonial part, the afternoon was completed and punctuated by a concert given by the inter [...] of the Church Adventist to remain a moving movement towards others, and Emmanuel Ziehli - Director of Radio-Eveil - emphasized the usefulness of the radio medium as a tool for creating links between c

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