ADRA in Albania encourages young people to pursue education and follow their dreams

ADRA Albania operates in the region from 1992.

child protection unit workers and school staff in the field of human rights and child protection. Pictures: 1. The Kruja Concert 2. The ADRA Albania Staff (ADRA Albania/Facebook).

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Elections in the Bulgarian Union

Mario Brito, president of the Inter-European Division (EUD), and Rainer Wantischek, EUD Family and Children’s Ministries director, participated at the meeting.

outgoing president, Ventsislav Panayotov, along with flowers for his wife, Varta. Farewells to outgoing staff followed, with a time of prayer together for the new team (leadership, department heads, Union committees)

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ADRA Czech Republic addressing fundamental needs during the pandemic

ADRA currently involves more than 3000 volunteers within the Czech territory.

the biggest problem turned out to be the lack of staff capacity in social and medical facilities. Volunteers, therefore, began to help professional staff by spending time with clients, involving them in [...] associations and bands participated. “Cheerful tones of live music lit up the eyes of seniors and nursing staff in Klatovy, Znojmo, and Brno,” reported Špinka. Facing other emergencies For a long

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ADRA to Airlift Tons of Medical Aid to Help India Battle COVID-19

Adventist Church and Adventist Health International join to rush relief to the country.

shortages of oxygen supplies, beds, and personal protective equipment (PPE) for health workers. Medical staff are reporting growing numbers of people dying at hospitals and health facilities while waiting for [...] the ground is teaming up with government and doctors’ organizations to provide additional medical staff, doctors, nurses, and data entry operators at COVID-19 vaccination centers in various locations in

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Friedensau University: Board of Trustees Confirms Prof. Fischer as Rector in Office

Friedensau Adventist University. He is an excellent team player who has earned the trust of students, staff, teachers, colleagues, and state representatives. His ability to relate, his knowledge, and his experience

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Friedensau Adventist University hosts international symposium: “The Kingdom of God is at Hand”

'We must ensure that the apocalyptic message remains meaningful to us today'

God Is at Hand” fits perfectly with this foundational ethos of the university, where students and staff are daily reminded that “Der Herr Kommt.” These words, very appropriately, were the underlying theme

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73,511 People In Romania Assisted By ADRA Since The Beginning Of The Covid-19 Pandemic Through The Project “Covid-19 Humanitarian Support

awareness, counseling, and distribution of food and hygiene products, was provided by qualified staff of the ADRA team who acted in accordance with security and safety policies and the rules imposed

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Australia Floods Affecting Adventist Schools and Churches

For some areas, it’s been 18 months of fires, pandemic restrictions, and extreme rainfall.

coming together as a community.” Port Macquarie Adventist School is operating on skeleton staff, with many staff and students trapped at home due to flooding. The school hasn’t had to close yet. Adventist [...] Conference president Adrian Raethel, KAS has been closed since Thursday, March 18. Currently, no staff or students can reach the premises due to floodwater blocking access to the site from both directions [...] kilometers up the river. “We have one family that has been evacuated that we are aware of in our office staff, and we believe everybody else is OK,” GSC president Terry Johnson said. “We have sent out information

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Italy: Villa Aurora to organize a Master in Religious Liberty

Villa Aurora is an institution of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church.

is designed primarily to meet vocational training needs for staff employed in public administration (cultural mediators, administrative staff, prison workers), in the education system (teachers, school

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ADRA inaugurating the new personal hygiene locale for 25 students, through the “SUPPORT FOR NORMALITY” project

beneficiaries of the new restrooms are us: students, teachers, but also the auxiliary and non-teaching staff. Together, we succeeded on all levels and completed the arrangement of the new restrooms. We want

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