European Adventist communicators train to excel in Journalism ability

‘Transparency is a critical currency for Journalism’

Adventist World magazines. Costin holds a master’s degree in Radio, Television & Film and an MBA. He specializes in strategic media and communication leadership, public relations, teaching, and organizational

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A call to be creative and support foreigners among us

also be streamed on ADRA Europe Facebook page. "We invite everyone to participate in this special programme of awarding prizes to those who with their talents are raising the awareness of the world

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An Event! La Lignière, 115 years in the service of health

June 12: Special church program and open house.

for all this work. Saturday, June 12, at the chapel of La Lignière 10am : Special worship service. Sermon by Thierry Lenoir, chaplain of La Lignière: "Remember all the roads traveled"

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June 12 is Women’s Ministries Emphasis Day.

Women's Ministries Emphasis Day is on the Seventh-day Adventist Church's calendar of special days and events and falls on the second Sabbath of each June. The Women’s Ministries Advisory exists to

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June 12 is Women’s Ministries Emphasis Day

Come, See the Saviour of the World

There is also a video of the sermon in English that you can be viewed: https://eudwomen.org/en/special-days/womens-ministries-day/

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Adventist Clinic La Lignière to celebrate 115 years in the service of health in Switzerland

On June 12 and 13, a special ceremony will take place in Gland, Switzerland.

meetings have been organized: the first in the chapel of La Lignière, on Saturday, June 12, with a special message by Thierry Lenoir, chaplain of La Lignière and head of the historical heritage of the clinic;

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The Virtual Global Campmeeting has Started

Visit the virtual exhibition booths

and Raquel Arrais telling about Women’s Ministries features as well as the sermons for this year's special days. If you missed the event you can still see the exhibits and watch the seminars until June

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May 29 is World day of prayer for children at risk

This is a special day of prayer, established by the Adventist Church 25 years ago, scheduled annually on the last Sabbath of May.

right to be protected from violence, exploitation and abuse. For more information about this special day, please go here . Pictures: 1. SOS-Childrensvillages 2. SOS-Childrensvillages 3.

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European Divisions collaborate to teach family ministries online

"We live in a time when restoring relations in families are crucial"

theoretical knowledge in practical ways that enrich their everyday lives and relationships. Special thanks are due to the programme moderators: Karen Holford (TED), Rainer Wanitschek (EUD), Gábor Mihalec [...] technical side of the programme. Despite the successful conference, all the participants missed the special experience of the ‘live’ training sessions, where there is plenty of time to have inspiring conversations

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"Those who are abused need people to advocate for them when they do not feel strong enough to do this for themselves".

creatively, to define their own safe boundaries. Joanna Daniel is an Adventist counsellor with a special interest in abuse. She closed the conference by encouraging participants to listen compassionately

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