Friedensau Adventist University hosts international symposium: “The Kingdom of God is at Hand”

'We must ensure that the apocalyptic message remains meaningful to us today'

a brief overview of the issues Adventists face in making sense of the apocalyptic writings in the Bible, after having proclaimed their message now for almost two centuries. How do we deal with the disturbing [...] the key question, namely, what apocalyptic is and how apocalyptic views developed over time, as the Bible writers dealt with it. What their background? What was the literary genre that they could use? Who

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Women’s Ministries Weekend Retreat in Bavaria

"Full Head - Empty Heart“

gratitude grow in me?" The participants had the opportunity in several breakout groups to discuss the Bible text in 1 Thessalonians 1:5, where Paul exhorts believers to "Rejoice always, pray continually, give

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Advisory of the Women’s Ministries Department of the Central Rhenish Conference

From Eve to ... me

From Eve to ... me - discovering female identity in the Bible. This was the theme of this year's weekend retreat via zoom of the Women’s Ministry team with the speaker Juliane Schmidt (pastor in Mainz

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Adventist Education Helps Students Join and Remain in the Church, Studies Show

Experienced educator discusses data that highlight the impact of Adventist schools.

co-founder Ellen G. White, who in her book Fundamentals of Christian Education , wrote that regarding Bible-based education, “the all-important thing should be the conversion of their students” (p. 436). [...] between Adventist education and a personal commitment to Jesus Christ and a commitment to personal Bible study. It also affected the importance of religion in a young person’s life. “These are outcomes that

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Adventist communicators face the digital challenge

The third day of the Global Adventist Innovation Network.

Biblel ’, implemented by HopeMedia Europe. “We want to trigger the passion of our pioneers for the Bible,”, so explained Chris Vogel. “We’ve lost the passion for the Biblel and our aim is to make people

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Girls4Christ meeting in Neugablonz

Small group can be fun

stay together for very long, so at the end we prayed a "popcorn prayer" together with the help of Bible verses and then we had to say goodbye again. The time was much too short and we hope that in the summer

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New Online Bible Course for Women

Our Heavenly Father

We are excited to introduce to you a new online Bible Study Course Heavenly Father. God teaches us to understand His love for us with simple examples. He is the most loving Father: although our love [...] love can change your life for the better and what we can do with God's love. The new online Bible Course “Heavenly Father" https://hope.study/courses/S-FRwixnd/ is especially designed for women

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"Life is an Adventure": The Ministry of G. T. Ng

Executive secretary of the General Conference announces retirement after nearly half-a-century of ministry.

couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t study. Life was not worth living.” One day he took his Bible and his hymnal to a park, and he sat under a coconut tree where he read what he thought was his last

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The WECARE campaign, conducted by the Health Ministries department of the Inter-European Division of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, is aimed at raising our awareness for the suffering around us.

As the Bible states, injustice and inhumanity are not acceptable to God: - You have not strengthened the weak or healed the sick or bound up the injured. You have not brought back the strays or searched [...] and unfair laws that let you cheat the poor and needy and rob widows and orphans. 2 The Bible presents high standards for uprightness, love, compassion, humanity and care: - How blessed is he

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postmail. A Bible study for postmodern people Together with the book that is sent, a short note is enclosed with a presentation of the book and the offer of a special Bible course for people [...] people who have no experience in the handling of the Bible and its doctrinal topics. The course is based on the thirteen chapters of The WaySteps to Christ and the main objective is that they canto help them [...] love. We are amazed to see how many people, once they receive the book, immediately ask for the Bible course that we offer. In the note, we provide you readers with an email address, a 24- hour phone

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