Inter-European Region: The last act

Mid-year Executive Meeting in Germany

gives hope for the future. After the President, another report was given by Executive Secretary, Gabriel Maurer. He also confirmed the same great challenge of church growth in the EUD. We have had a 12% church [...] appreciated your support. Pictures: 1. Norbert Zens, Treasurer, Bruno Vertallier, President, Gabriel Maurer, Executive Secretary. 2. Barna Magyarosi, EUD Education Department Director. (C. Cozzi) [...] this trend. With united forces focused on service and outreach I believe this can happen” declared Gabriel Mauree. The treasurer's report given by Norbert Zens, followed the same course indicated in previous

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A Testimony of God’s grace in a challenging region

Sofia, Bulgaria [C. Cozzi, CD-EUDNews]. November 21, 2014. The agenda of the Year-end Executive Meeting of the Inter-European Region (EUD) usually includes reports from officers and department directors, analyzing subjects such as medium and long-term

of baptisms, the church itself will disappear," said Gabriel Maurer. “If we lose just one generation, the church will cease to exist" affirmed Maurer. He continued encouraging the members to consider this [...] Treasurer's, and the President's reports are the most prominant. The Secretary's report Gabriel Maurer, the Executive Secretary, presented an overview on the growth of the church. His intentions for [...] at the facts is worrysome," said Maurer, "the challenge is a growing population vs. a stagnating membership, our response is a new mission focus on soul-winning." Maurer ended his report suggesting a stronger

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Biggest race ever in San Antonio

InStep4Life 5K Run/Walk

with our youth, getting them to train and prepare for this morning.” Maeve Maurer, EUD Executive Secretary's wife (Gabriel Maurer), and Publishing Administrative Assistant, arrived first in her category

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2014 Inter-European Literature Evangelists’ Congress

Cernica, Bucharest [Gabriel E. Maurer; CD EUDNews]. With the motto: „Bringing Hope into Every Home“ the Inter-European Division Literature Evangelists’ Congress started on Monday, Sept. 1, 2014. As a location it was chosen to use the Romanian Adventist Un

Cernica, Bucharest [Gabriel E. Maurer; CD EUDNews]. With the motto: „Bringing Hope into Every Home“ the Inter-European Division Literature Evangelists’ Congress started on Monday, Sept. 1, 2014. As a location [...] and in all to give glory to God. All committed to “Bring Hope Into Every Home”. picture: Gabriel E. Maurer, EUD Secretary General & EUD Publishing Department Directo r

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Spain: Safeliz Publishing House Headquarters re-inaugurated

Madrid, Spain [Alejandro Medina, ANN, CD EUDNews]. December 10, 2014. Seventh-day Adventist publishing house managers, publishing directors and bookstore managers from more than 40 countries gathered in Madrid, Spain, from November 5 to 7 to attend a S

together to share what they are already experiencing in relation to new technologies. Gabriel Maurer, secretary and Publishing director of the Inter-European Division, spoke about market trends [...] of social media at Safeliz, discussed the use of social media in the Publishing Ministry. Dominik Maurer, Publishing director for Advent-Verlag in Switzerland, shared how “Tablets can be used to make book

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The Inter-European Executive Committee spring session

Bern, Switzerland [CD-EUDNews, C.Cozzi]. This year's SDA Inter-European Executive Committee spring session took place in Florence, Italy. It was the first time Villa Aurora Adventist University hosted this meeting and it took place from May 25-27, 2014. M

Federation President. Pavlik Mikulas was confirmed as Czecho-Slovakian Union president. Gabriel Maurer, Executive Secretary, presented the EUD membership report. In 2013 there were 3.710 baptisms [...] December 2013). Maurer highlighted in his report that our church is slightly growing but has much more potential considering the large number of outreach programs in the Union. Maurer also presented a [...] issues; 5. Delbert Baker, a GC Vice-President; 6. The EUD Officers: Bruno Vertallier, President, Gabriel Maurer, Executive Secretary, Norbert Zens, Treasurer (photos: Corrado Cozzi)

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EUD Year-end Executive Committee: Officers' Report

Bern, November 6, 2013. [CD-EUDNews. Corrado Cozzi]. The leaders of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Inter-European Region (EUD) had their annual Executive Committee meeting from November 1-5, in Madrid, Spain. About 80 members came from the countr

important task of the church to be mission and people oriented. Secretary's Report Gabriel Maurer, EUD Executive Secretary, presented his report giving a general picture of the growth of the [...] hemorrhage” said Maurer. “It is foolish to continue doing things the same way, but expecting different outcomes. Only analysis, reflection, vision and action can bring efficient change” Maurer affirmed. At [...] pictures: 1. The Officers of the EUD: Norbert Zens, treasurer, Bruno Vertallier, president, and Gabriel Maurer, Executive Secretary; 2 + 3. The members of the Committee;

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Spain: Inauguration of new Headquarters

Madrid, Spain [P. Torres, CD EUDNews]. November 17, 2014. “This building is not as important as the work to be done therein ... it represents the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Spain”.

vice-president of the General Conference (GC). Pastor Bruno Vertallier (EUD president), Pastor Gabriel Maurer (EUD executive secretary) and Norbert Zens (EUD Treasurer) were present at the inauguration including

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EUD Executive Committee

Bern, May 29, 2013 [CD-EUDNews] The Inter-European Region of the Seventh-day Adventists (EUD) Executive Committee met for the biannual Meeting on May 26-28 in Freudenstadt, Germany.

during this time of crisis and uncertainties. Secretary’s report The Executive Secretary Gabriel Maurer’s report started with a reminder of the Adventist Mission statement: “The mission of the Seventh-day [...] religion is not a statistic and humans are not only numbers. “Before this ‘panorama’ (quoting Gabriel Maurer) we are confident that something will change in terms of the involvement of every single member” [...] comments are necessary. pictures: 1. Some board members; 2. Bruno Vertallier, EUD President; 3. Gabriel Maurer, EUD executive secretary; 4. Pardon Mwansa, GC Vice-President;

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Secular and post-modern Europe still open to Gospel Mission

Bern, Switzerland, June 25, 2014 [Corrado Cozzi; CD-EUDNews]. The Adventist church is founded on the mission given by Jesus two thousand years ago: go and make disciples. With this mission in mind, the first Seventh-day Adventist Mission Advisory in the I

projects, reflections, and failures in order to have more efficient outreach in the future" stated Gabriel Maurer, EUD Executive Secretary. It was definitely encouraging and exciting to see how the unions and

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