STOP violence against women

Platform for the Elimination of Violence against Women

Although women now have the same rights as men before the law, women's everyday lives are still marked by inequality. For centuries, men have ruled over women as if they were property. With your possessions [...] matter of power imbalance." As long as women are seen as inferior, they suffer under the power of men. This power imbalance exists in all aspects of life, but it becomes especially noticeable when we are [...] violence and femicides. Femicides don't just happen somewhere in countries where women are still seen as men's property. Statistically, one woman is killed by her partner or ex-partner every third day in Germany

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The Symbols of the Fight to End Violence Against Women

A Report from Italy

run over" (as in Milan), to denounce and make visible the number of women who died at the hands of men who professed to love them. Reserved seat. A simple idea, started in 2013 by Maria Andaloro, has

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Spanish Women’s Ministries commemorate Women of Reformation

Some Women of the Protestant Reformation

When we think of the reformation, the names of men like Martin Luther, John Calvin, and Ulrich Zwingli come to our minds. The protestant churches celebrate Reformation Day on October 31, in remembrance [...] to the women who contributed to the Reformation, despite having a thousand more obstacles than the men of their time. We are grateful because it is also thanks to them that we today enjoy our faith and

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Women’s Ministries Associate Director Relocates

Heartfelt Appreciation for Raquel Arrais

with Jesus, to discover their gifts and talents, and to use them in service to God and their fellow men. She was also instrumental in shaping the Scholarship Program and we are very grateful that our division

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Principal German National TV station ‘ARD’s program, "Weltspiegel", reports on Adventist Lifestyle

life expectancy of Adventists. In the film clip, he summarizes one finding this way, "We found that men, unlike other Californians, live seven years longer, and women live four and a half years longer. That's

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Support Solomon In The Adra "Hope For Immigrants" Project!

activities, ADRA wants to minimize the impact of this overwhelming and unbearable situation for as many men, women, and children as possible. "The situation of refugees in Europe and other continents is

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Women’s  Sabbath in Luebeck, Hanse Conference, Germany

What does Respect Mean

‘Respect, what does it mean‘ in the Lübeck church. The topic was of interest both for women as well as men. Maren Schmidt, who is a specialist in education for the hearing-impaired, led through the program [...] A short video clip by Loriot showed with humor the problems of communication between women and men. What is good communication? The parallels between respect and love, what the Bible says about this [...] deepened the theme of the sermon and experienced various things t four activity points. The accompanying men also elsewhere in the afternoon for a discussion on the sermon and a barbecue. I could see on their

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Woman, Dream Big

June 12, 2021

set out to do something. This is the message that the team wanted to pass on to women and also to men; set them on the path to take action. During her sermon, Karine Eloidin, pastor-treasurer of the

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EUD Administration Position on Religious Meeting in Italy in June 2021

the WP ed. 1998, p. 368 states "we recognize every world organization. We deeply respect Christian men and women of other denominations, who strive to win souls for Christ." And again, on November 12, 1991

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ADRA Romania meeting the needs of disadvantaged people

1,500 people receive help in the "New ADRA Viile workshop" project

being remunerated in any way, the only satisfaction being the worship of God by serving one's fellow men. Also, all donor contributions (of any kind) are reinvested into making the goods for the beneficiaries

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