"Life is an Adventure": The Ministry of G. T. Ng

Executive secretary of the General Conference announces retirement after nearly half-a-century of ministry.

represent his name. But behind those three things is a man with a great sense of humor and a backlog of stories to tell of how God faithfully leads from one adventure to the next. Ng grew up in Singapore [...] nothing to worry about. There is a plan for you, and it’s a perfect plan.” Ng and Ivy have two children and three grandchildren. He says, money is no object as far as grandchildren are concerned. Ng is

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Adventist Church Releases Bible Trivia Game Heroes 2 on March 25

Revamped version engages users for a journey through the Bible.

Church leaders and the game creators hope Heroes 2 will help children, youth, and adults become better acquainted with amazing stories of the Bible. “We want everyone to realize they are called to be [...] document of Western civilization, but young people today know more about comics than the Bible stories,” said Sam Neves, associate director of communication for the Adventist Church. “ Heroes is a [...] a project that speaks this new visual language through a trivia game that brings these ancient stories to life. What happened to these Bible heroes matters. We should all know what happened to them so we

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Adventist Businessman Inaugurated as President in Palau

The January 2021 ceremony was a time of celebration, reflection, and prayer.

Surangel and Sons Company. His parents shared stories illustrating how their son exhibited determination, leadership, and integrity since childhood. The stories showed the strength of his family faith and [...] saying, “She is a teacher, and so I thought,I have to be married to a teacher so she can teach our children well .” That intentional teaching took the form of weekly Sabbath School, church activities [...] world’s leaders during this crucial time of history.” The original version of this story was posted on the Guam-Micronesia Mission site and reposted on the North American

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everything in our culture, our structures, and even our church through the lens of the gospel story. In that story of loss, rescue, freedom, and the power of choice, we learn crucial lessons on how to treat [...] popular novel took its title from the temperature at which books burn. Fahrenheit 451 told the story of a dystopian world where books were not only banned but burned by a squad of “firemen.” 2 [...] was caught allowing a woman to lecture his students on why married women shouldn’t keep producing children. Augustus, concerned with the declining birth rates among the Roman elite, ordered Corvus to be

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International Day of Zero Tolerance for female genital mutilation

The Seventh-Day Adventist Church supports the resolution of the UN on FGM Zero Tolerance and promote the day to enhance awareness to take concrete actions against FGM.

think, should I go back and get FGM?” she says. For Oiyie and thousands of girls with similar stories, her escape impacted her family dynamics, and the consequences weighed heavy on her shoulders. “My [...] stop this cruelty, to speak: advocate and act now! Tomorrow is too late!” echoed Elsa Cozzi, EUD Children Ministries. “Together, we can eliminate female genital mutilation by 2030. Doing so will have [...] org/en/ga/search/view_doc.asp?symbol=A/RES/67/146 (21) (2) https://www.unwomen.org/en/news/stories/2019/2/compilation-women-leading-the-movement-to-end-female-genital-mutilation (3) https://www

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Desert Flower Center, interview with Dr. Cornelia Strunz

Partnering with a Foundation established by a former supermodel, Waris Dirie, a Seventh-day Adventist hospital in Berlin took action by opening a new center to help restore victims of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).

The most important measure in the fight against FGM is widespread education and schooling of children, locally, in their home countries. In general, the public should be sensitised to the issue, information [...] 'Bring Hope' , Kenya - edited by Evelyn Brenda, Chairlady of Bring Hope Kenya e.V. Here the story of Eunice , reported by Evelyn Brenda, Chairlady of Bring Hope Kenya e.V.

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Bible Reading for Kids: Adventist Review Launches Annual Reading Plan

Special table guide helps children to create a reading habit for a lifetime.

product for children to be included in the January KidsView — Bible Readings Through the Year for Children. There are 260 readings, one chapter per day, covering Monday through Friday, for children to read [...] Adventist Review publication for children ages 8-12, decided that kids should be encouraged to do the same. Reading the Bible can be challenging for adults, so children would certainly struggle with certain [...] read. Most of the readings are story-based, but other books are included to give children a sample of what the Bible has to offer. The child will read from the Pentateuch, as well as books of history, poetry

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International Day of Education

Stories of challenges facing Covid-19.

formally closed and all children, with the exception of those of key workers, are ‘out-of-school’. The majority of children are learning via online platforms. Sharon’s Story ADRA-UK spoke [...] was mistakenly overlooked by a teacher. Parents are trying to assist with homeschooling their children, while also carrying on with their own work, as well as the day to day running of a household. [...] Most of these families are on either on low incomes or are refugees. Currently, there are 50 children who have nothing. No access to technology and subsequently, no access to education via online platforms

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New hope for Nyaluak

The story of a girl determined to get her studies’ goal and become the first female doctor in her village.

disappointment. We can complain here where we live, but Nyaluak! The schools had to close again, and the children are once again prevented from continuing with their education. I have thought a lot about Nyaluak [...] well how much she wants this. You are somehow not allowed to take the dreams and hopes away from children and teenagers,”says the ADRA worker. “I think with concern about all the girls who will never [...] Every child, everywhere, has the right to go to school. There is an urgent need for education for children in South Sudan. ADRA works in cooperation with the communities to provide teacher education, school

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10 Days of Prayer Event Impacts Thousands

Over 82,000 participants registered to receive the daily prayer focus emails in January.

surrender. I just surrendered to God this morning everything that has kept me anxious and miserable. My children leaving the faith, my fears, life disappointments, my past, my mistakes, etc... I am now free. I [...] around the world have also experienced revival and reformation through this 10-day emphasis. This story comes from a member in Nigeria: “Prior to the 10 Days of Prayer, our church was cold. But during

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