Stephan Sigg re-elected as president of the Swiss-German Conference

At the end of December 2020, 2,556 Adventists lived in the territory of German-speaking Switzerland.

of their local churches in German-speaking Switzerland, the participants re-elected Pastor Stephan Sigg (55) as DSV president, on June 20, with 115 votes in favor, 20 against and four abstentions. At the [...] resolution at the next General Assembly in the fall. Background and career Stephan Sigg completed an apprenticeship as a carpenter and later began theological studies at the Bogenhofen Seminary [...] Springs, Michigan, USA, from which he graduated with a Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) in 2013. From 2010, Sigg served as youth department leader for the Inter-European Division, until he was elected as president

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Adventists in Switzerland elect church leadership

position as President of the Adventist Churches in Western and Southern Switzerland. Pastor Stephan Sigg, who serves as President of the Adventist Churches in German-speaking Switzerland, became Executive [...] between the respective presidents of the associations. In accordance with this arrangement, Stephan Sigg, the former President of the Swiss Adventists, took over as Executive Secretary and Olivier Rigaud [...] Seventh-day Adventists. The board is composed of the following persons: Olivier Rigaud, President; Stephan Sigg, Executive Secretary; Jean-Luc Waber, Chief Financial Officer; Eric Belloy, (FSRT); Raphaël Grin (FSRT);

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Camporee 2019: Opening Ceremony

God’s Promise: Always with you” was the shared thought by 2800 people in Sesimbra, Portugal.

devotional led by Pastor Stephan Sigg, President of the German-Swiss Conference and special speaker for the spiritual meetings. Presenting the experience of Joshua, Sigg remind the pathfinders that allowing [...] their life will make the difference. Let’s see what we can learn more from Joshua’s life through Sigg’s insights during this week. Interesting inputs will come. There also a most appreciated moment

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A Camporee Full of God’s Promises

EUD International Camporee, an adventure that will not end soon, inspiring the thoughts of those who had the opportunity to participate in the 13th edition, 2019.

Songs, mimes, videos, but above all the messages offered by their scout leader and friend, Stephan Sigg (see article Challenging, sure, but very rewarding ), that led them to live an unforgettable spiritual [...] the spiritual message). They often touched me and were beautiful.” With his messages, Stephan Sigg repeatedly invited our Pathfinders to take account of God's promises. God keeps His promises and,

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You really feel you are at a camp meeting when you get to daily routine. But routine is a notion it doesn’t exist in Sesimbra. Camporee 2019 is always moving, in time and locations.

filled with surprise and emotion. The first morning in camp started with the devotional, with Stephan Sigg exhorting young people to find and follow their good role models, as Joshua has done with Moses. The

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the person behind them? Let’s meet Stephan Sigg, President of Seventh-day Adventists German-Swiss Conference", Paulo Macedo, Camporee PR, interviewed Stephan Sigg, the main speaker of the event . PM

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Pathfinders from Europe at the Camporee

More than 2500 Adventists scouts will participate at the Camporee in Portugal

ceremony is always conceived as the climax of the camporee.” In the morning and evening, Stephan Sigg, president of the Adventists in Switzerland, gives a spiritual input. In a game that runs throughout

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iCOR stands for Inter-generational Church of Refuge.

“This is not another programme. Not one more thing on the pastor’s to-do list”, Stephan Sigg told the participants gathered for the iCOR training for trainers in Freudenstadt, Germany the last week of [...] themselves in the secrets of iCOR. The presenters were the European pioneers of the initiative: Stephan Sigg (president of the Switzerland Union Conference) and Bert Seefeld (Youth director of North-German Union

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Coca-Cola® and Pathfinders

Global Youth Leaders Congress continues as speakers communicate in memorable metaphors

including the pit. Sigg used the illustration to emphasize that it’s the fruit of the cherry tree that attracts him to the tree in the first place. In fact, argued Sigg, “the fruit is the mission [...] the growth of a fruit.” Sigg pointed out that “the goal of our ministries is to grow the fruit of the Spirit.” Leaning on the biblical metaphor found in Galatians chapter 5, Sigg focused in on one key fruit: [...] Guide gave me every skill I needed to become an effective leader.” Following Muganda, Stephan Sigg, president of the Swiss Union Conference and former Inter-European Division youth leader, shared a

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Reformation Continued… Third part

Year-End Meeting of Inter-European Division - The Department Reports

Youth Ministries report was presented by the former director, Stephan Sigg, and the new entry, Jonatan Tejel. Among the different projects organized by the department, a large

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