Inter-European Division Elects Department Leaders

The Inter-European Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church (EUD) met for its mid-year Executive Committee decisions, at the Mid-Year Meeting (MYM), as regularly scheduled for May.

was called to be an associate youth leader, specifically responsible for leading the Adventist Pathfinders (Adventist Scout organization) at the worldwide level. In Education, Marius Munteanu continues

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New Department Director for Children, Pathfinders, and Youth

Central Rhenish Conference elects Juliane Schmidt as Department Director

The Central Rhenisch Conference constituency elected her as Department Director for Children, Pathfinders, and Youth. Juliane Schmidt was born in Ostfildern near Stuttgart, studied theology in Tübingen

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After being lost at sea for two days, Adventist boys found

Church leaders in Vanuatu give thanks for prayers and support during the search-and-rescue operation.

searchers in Turnbull’s plane finally saw the boys in the open ocean. The three boys were Pathfinders from Mota Lava island in Torba province and had reportedly gone fishing. People across the Pacific

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International Camporee "Believe the promise" announced

The Camporee is to be held in 2024 in Wyoming, USA.

Every five years, this International Pathfinder Camporee offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience for more than 50,000 Pathfinders from all over the world who gather together to play, share, learn, serve [...] meant to be an invitation to the leaders of the different Divisions to participate with their Pathfinders - as in past editions. Within the Inter-European Division (EUD), we have always had delegations [...] taking advantage of this opportunity. This is the perfect place for you to learn about how the Pathfinder Ministry works in the rest of the world as well as make new friends. The main theme for this

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Adventist Businessman Inaugurated as President in Palau

The January 2021 ceremony was a time of celebration, reflection, and prayer.

That intentional teaching took the form of weekly Sabbath School, church activities such as Pathfinders, and formative years attending an Adventist elementary school. After graduating from Andrews University

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for it and there are no too big or too small programs. Every union, conference, school, church, pathfinder club, youth group, student association, family department, Sabbath school class, and worship band

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Portugal: Being Pathfinders in times of pandemic

the Pathfinders have also suffered from this pandemic. Being deprived of face-to-face meetings, many have lost their course and commitment. This is a reality that the Vila do Conde Pathfinders have [...] was with this purpose that, between the 11 th and 13 th of September, the Vila do Conde Pathfinders held their local training camp. At a time when it was possible to gather in groups of 20 people [...] conviviality, although with some special care. We ordered masks, in navy blue colour, for all the Pathfinders to wear with the uniform on Saturday, so that we would all be coordinated; a fun way to meet the

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The Flooded Desert

A cartoon to join the Creation Detectives in their first adventure The Flooded Desert, NOW IN 7 LANGUAGES!

celebrations around Europe. “Feel free to share it with your church members, make use of it in youth or pathfinder activities, promote it through your social media sites, or use it as a digital gift for non-members

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Part of a Master Plan

New GRI director shares his life story of love for creation and devotion to its Creator.

an early age. As a teenager, I got involved with our church summer camps. We all were into Pathfinders, both regionally and nationally. There I learned about medicinal plants and my first constellations

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from Andrews University in 1988. The Central States Conference voted Bryant to serve as youth/Pathfinders/National Service Organization director, temperance director, and superintendent of education in

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