Church Will Empower the Three Angels' Messages with a World Book

The Last Invitation will be available in over 50 languages ​​and dialects

America alone, it is estimated that more than 20 million copies will be delivered, in Portuguese and Spanish. Strengthening Biblical Principles “We are living in a time when many people have

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Adventist Art Academy in Spain: First successful year of existence

‘God has gifted everybody with creativity’

ate levels, along with the Music School, the Art Academy, the Spanish School, and the Faculty of Theology. It belongs to the Spanish Adventist Union and to the network of the Adventist Church’s worldwide

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National Women's Ministries Program in Spain

Inspired by His love

love" was the title of the national program organized by the Women's Ministries Department of the Spanish Union to celebrate Women's Ministries Emphasis Day on June 12. The objective of the program was to [...] charge of the Women's Ministries Department, recently approved by the Executive Committee of the Spanish Adventist Union, which will be in office until the next general assembly, was presented. It is composed [...] broadcasted on the Youtube channel of the Adventist Church in Spain and also on the Facebook page of the Spanish Union, reaching all corners of the country and allowing many people to be active viewers, by par

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Spain: Successful National Impact Day 2021

National Impact Day was held on 29 May 2021, with the distribution of Mark Finley’s book ‘Hope for a world in crisis’.

Spanish leaders are thanking God that, in spite of the pandemic and the hindrances it has created, the 2021 Impact Day was successfully held in many of the Spanish churches. About 107 of the 161 congregations [...] congregations in the Spanish Union participated (111 churches and 50 organized groups), which is 66.45% of all our Spanish churches. “It was exciting to participate in this activity and to see how the

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Video premiere on May 15, 2021! A beautiful and inspirational video highlighting God’s wonderful design in Creation and the meaning of the Creation days and set-up for the thriving of humans, animals and plants.

Director. DOCUMENTARY “HEALTH BY DESIGN” by languages English Portuguese Spanish Bulgarian Czech German Italian Reference: 1.Bluezones.com

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Adventist Institutions struggle in the midst of violence in Israel

Clashes between Arab and Jewish citizens break out in Israeli cities, following days of air strikes and rocket attacks.

congregations and about 830 adult, baptized members, speaking 8 languages: Hebrew, Russian, English, Spanish, Romanian, Arabic, Amharic, and Akan (Ghana). 5 full-time ministers and 2 assistant pastors proclaim

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Daniela Canedo will succeed retiring Angelika Pfaller

same region. Canedo is single and, in addition to her native German, speaks English, French and Spanish, which will be useful to her in networking with the department leaders in the other European countries

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Segovia is a Spanish city and municipality in the southern part of the autonomous community of Castilla y León, capital of the province of the same name. It is situated at the confluence of the rivers [...] 2020, we had no Adventist presence in this city, but, according to the Eevangelism plans of the Spanish Adventist Union for the five-year period was to plant churches in the provincial capitals where we

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The Art of Forgiveness

Women’s Academy on Youtube

On March 16, 2021, Spanish women were able to join in a program of continued education – Women’s Academy -presented by the psychologist Sharloth Diaz on how to cope with emotional wounds in an online seminar

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Adventist Church Releases Bible Trivia Game Heroes 2 on March 25

Revamped version engages users for a journey through the Bible.

questions to try to get a better score.” Heroes 2 will be available in four languages, English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French, with the expectation of new languages being added shortly after the official

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