Istanbul, terrorist attack

Tragedy in Instanbul saying hello to the New Year

night of celebration for about 600 people to greet the New Year inside the Reina nightclub, in Istanbul's Ortakoy district. But the celebration has turned into tragedy. Around 1:45 a.m. on Sunday January [...] that moment as the terrorist was consuming his "horrific attack". During 2016 "Ankara and Istanbul have been targeted by several attacks carried out by the Islamic State group or Kurdish rebels, [...] minds the scenes of Berlin’s attack and now, again, our hearts are full of sadness for the people in Istanbul, for those who died, for those who are in hospitals, for the families who have their beloved ones

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Adventists pray for those affected by Istanbul Airport bombings

“As a church family and as a MENA staff we are praying for the families of those killed and for those who are in hospitals recovering,” McEdward said in an e-mailed statement.

believers across the region in praying Tuesday for those affected by deadly suicide bombings at Istanbul’s main airport — an attack that felt particularly close to home because regional church administrators [...] explosives in a nighttime confrontation with police at the entrance to the international terminal of the Istanbul Atatürk Airport, one of Europe’s busiest, news reports said. No one claimed immediate responsibility [...] acronym for the Adventist Church’s Middle East and North Africa Union, which McEdward leads. “Because Istanbul is one of the main airline hubs for the region, this attack feels close to home,” he said. “Our

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Adventist Leader discusses rights on sidelines of G20 Summit

Ganoune Diop speaks at the G20 Interfaith Summit in Beijing.

invited to give a plenary address at this event. The first was at the 2015 G20 Interfaith Summit in Istanbul, Turkey. This year’s gathering was hosted by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and was jointly

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ADRA attending World Humanitarian Summit in Turkey

The Summit is a global call to action by the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

ADRA’s global network of humanitarians at the first-ever World Humanitarian Summit taking place in Istanbul on 23-24 May 2016. Mr. Duffy made a spoken statement of ADRA’s Commitments to Action at a special

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A Press Release on the “Brussels terrorist attacks” submitted by Dr. Liviu Olteanu

d in Syria, Iraq, Nigeria, Sudan, South Sudan, or perpetrated in Paris, San Bernardino, Ankara, Istanbul, Tunis, other places of the world, and now in Brussels, there is the risk that national security

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Remembering the Armenian Genocide

250 Adventists died as martyrs because they kept their Christian faith.

order of the young Turk government, Armenian intellectuals living in the former Ottoman capital, Istanbul / Constantinople, were arrested and killed. Between 1895 and 1922, more than 1.5 million Christians [...] France. After the genocide, just 100 Adventists remained in Turkey, mostly living in and around Istanbul, but most of them emigrated in the subsequent decades. The 250 Adventists died as martyrs because

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Wilson weaves God into conversations with World Leaders

Adventist Church leader says he has a special burden to pray with world leaders.

the conversation several hours later aboard a Turkish Airlines jet winging its way from Erbil to Istanbul. “I was just praying about that,” he said. “I don’t know what impression, if any, it might have

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Spain: The first International course for Interpreters for the Deaf

The course lasted a weekend and was organized by the Inter-European Region (EUD) of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

facilitate communication especially in international meetings, such as that recently concluded in Istanbul. Within the Adventist Church in the EUD territory, there are now at least 4 official organizations

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Breaking News: Protest in Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey [Homer Trecartin; CD EUDNews]. The last few days the news has been full of pictures and descriptions of many tensions in Turkey. Turkey has been a part of EUD for many years and we know that many of you still have a soft spot in your hear

was going to be demolished for a shopping center. It is the last park in that central part of Istanbul. Istanbul is a city of probably 25 million people (official statistics say less, but it is much bigger) [...] Istanbul, Turkey [Homer Trecartin; CD EUDNews]. The last few days the news has been full of pictures and descriptions of many tensions in Turkey. Turkey has been a part of EUD for many years and we know [...] affected life in other parts. We have one family living a few blocks from the demonstrations in Istanbul but they are fine. Two of our ladies were shopping or doing business a couple of blocks away when

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In the House of Prayer

Burgas, Bulgaria - June 5-12, 2011.  In Burgas, a Bulgarian touristic town, located on the shores of the Black Sea in the south-eastern region of the country, the second International Convention on Islam was held, organized by the Euro-Africa Region (EUD)

two-day trip to Istanbul. Nothing is better than learning by experience. Awake at 4.00 am and after a 6-hour trip in a bus organized by a travel agency, the attendees arrived in Istanbul, ready to dive [...] program was divided into two parts: one presented by lecturers and another set up as a study tour in Istanbul, Turkey. Specialists on Islamic studies and Christian-Islamic relationships, such as Dr. G. Diop

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