Does poverty have a colour?

of individuals, but Mukwashi advised us to play a part locally. We can increase our charitable donations of course. We can write to our MP. We can keep going to church to keep alive the sense of the dignity

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Global decline in tithe revenue signals urgency to evangelize the affluent of the global community

since the 1970s, to October 2003, the Seventh-day Adventist Church has seen its tithe, or members donating 10 percent of their earnings to the church, drop 75 percent, per capita, adjusted for inflation

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Interview on Michael Belina Czechowski

faced great financial difficulties, since he spent more on spreading the Gospel than he received in donations. In addition to his debt, the publishing house in Cornaux burnt to the ground in the spring of 1867

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A trumpet call for human dignity - A trumpet call for church liberty

New Testament, we should well consider the relationship between law and spontaneous, non-coded donations. Focusing on this text, undoubtedly inter-national and inter-religious, allows us to capture the

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