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ministers through the Internet, Hope Channel television, Adventist World Radio and various Bible correspondence schools. The division operates media production centers in Austria, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic

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how to personally take profit of a deeper Bible study, how to contact people and make friends, and finally how to lead people to Christ and give Bible studies.   Urban Centers of Influence Today Global [...] five study centers around the world to help Adventists build bridges of understanding to other world religions and communities. Through personal contact, research and life experiences, the study centers [...] people with a different worldview. The study centers include: Center for East Asian Religions Center for South Asian Religions Center for Secular and Post-modern Studies Global Center for Adventist-Muslim

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Strategic plan

practices of regular Bible study, prayer, and worship KPIs Increased participation of church members and friends in regular praying, studying the Bible, using the Sabbath School Bible Study Guides, reading [...] by the Bible and the Holy Spirit, we engage in our mission through Christ-like living, worshipping, serving, communicating, teaching, healing, and discipling. Our Core Values 1. Spiritual The Bible as the [...] life and all physical reality Following a wholistic and healthy living Spiritual practices of Bible study, prayer, worship, and witnessing 2. Ethical Respect for the dignity and equality of human life

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Equipping Seminars

Developing Your Strengths Foundation of Prayer Generations Leader's Relationship with God Leading a Bible Study Leading a Planning Meeting Life Support for Grieving Mothers Ministering in Illness Ministering

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