Women's engagement in social media and digital meetings rises in Europe.


are doing for your neighbors a God during this year that still has restrictions due to Corona so that the statistics will be ready at the end oft he year.The statistics have been forwarded to the division [...] When a year has passed, we look back in review. The media does this, but even in the church, we deal with reports and statistics. Just like all other departments, the Women’s Ministries Department reports [...] reports on what has been achieved in the past year. The WM directors in the conferences send a questionnaire to the leaders of the WM groups in the local churches as well as to the pastors to gather information

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Swiss Romande and Ticino Conference Women’s Ministries News

First in-person meeting of the Women’s Ministries leaders of the local churches in the church of Clarence-Montreux

June 6th, it was finally time for the long-awaited in-person meeting of the Women’s Ministries leaders of the local churches. During the last year, we had met per zoom three times. Six of the ten leaders of [...] should do. And she found exactly the right verse that convinced her to come to this meeting. But that was not the end of the story! Right in our group she "by accident" picked up the same verse she had [...] to me." One stunning example is what one sister shared. She was undecided whether to come to this meeting or not, so she prayed to the Lord that He would let her find a verse that would help her decide what

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Women’s Ministries Director for both German Unions Retires

Angelika Pfaller made an Impact on WM in the German-speaking Countries

South German Unions as of June 30, 2021. Beginning in 2013 at the South German Union and a couple of years later in the North German Union as well, Angelika was responsible for the work of the Women’s Ministries [...] their service to God was a matter close to her heart. Angelika was very much appreciated at the meetings of the Women’s Ministries directors of the EUD and because of her experience she was a good mentor [...] of abuse and violence and education in this area. She is a member of the German advisory board for ending sexual violence. We would like to thank Angelika for her impact on the lives of many women and

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Elections in the Bulgarian Union

Mario Brito, president of the Inter-European Division (EUD), and Rainer Wantischek, EUD Family and Children’s Ministries director, participated at the meeting.

delegates, reports from the work of the past 6 years were on the agenda (normally it’s a 5-year turn, but because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was extended for one year). The previous president, Ventsislav [...] his wife, Varta, made responsible for the EUD Ministerial Spouses Association – at the EUD Mid-Year Meeting, a few weeks earlier. He was, thus, no longer available for the office of president of the Bulgarian [...] plans were adopted, structures were reformed, and prayer times were repeatedly held. The meeting ended with Mario Brito’s sermon, on Sabbath morning, and with the words of thanks to the outgoing president

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European Adventist communicators train to excel in Journalism ability

‘Transparency is a critical currency for Journalism’

Adventist HealthCare, a healthcare system operating in Maryland and Washington DC. Over the last 20 years, he has served in multiple roles, including news editor for the Adventist Review and Adventist World [...] communication leadership, public relations, teaching, and organizational leadership. The online meeting was introduced by Corrado Cozzi, former director of communications at the Inter-European Division [...] among Adventist organizations around the world to create and disseminate great news. The course ended with questions from some participants, which Jordache answered with professionalism and competence

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Friedensau: Symposium on Adventist Interpretations of Biblical Apocalypticism

23 speakers and 250 guest auditors from 30 countries met through Zoom.

the 4th international symposium of the IAS; previous meetings focused on World War I and Adventism (2014), Adventist perceptions of the Reformation (2016), and crucial themes in the history of European Adventism [...] and finally took place as an online event. It was not an ordinary symposium. Typically, such meetings are smaller academic conferences with presenters discussing only among themselves, but the online [...] s came from all continents and a translation into German was provided. The emphasis of the meeting was not so much on exegetical details; the papers pondered the variety, continuities, and distinct

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Adventist communicators face the digital challenge

The third day of the Global Adventist Innovation Network.

), presented his magazine, which, in the upcoming days, will celebrate its 1-year anniversary. "ST.Network wants to meet people’s basic needs of people. We check the trends on the internet (google Google [...] film, videoclips, and a movie. “One thousand years of happiness because we will ask 10 elders from different cultures, each of whom are close to 100 years old, about their experiences, trials, struggles [...] Victor Hulbert (TED), and HopeMedia Europe , managed by Klaus Popa. The first part of the meeting was dedicated to digital projects implemented in various European countries that are part of the

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The Global Adventist Innovation Network 2021 has officially begun

The motto for this online event: ‘All apart, all together – now, more than ever!’

On Monday, April 19, 2021, GAIN 2021 commenced. This year, the event is taking place online due to the current pandemic. Approximately 100 participants are present, including professionals, leaders [...] pioneers in digital evangelism in Germany, while Tjeransen led the Adventist Church in Norway for many years as president, focusing on media and communications. The World Director of Communications for the Adventist [...] Church will always need the advice and contributions of professionals like Brass and Tjeransen”. At the end of the prize consignment, Brass thanked all his colleagues: “Without their help, I would not have been

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Adventist Church Leaders Vote Paul H. Douglas as the New Treasurer-Elect

Current director of the General Conference Auditing Service will step in on August 1, 2021.

of GC EXCOM members from around the world, who met virtually this year for the Spring Meeting, one of the two annual business meetings of the denomination. “I am not worthy, but I am willing,” he emphasized [...] elected as GCAS assistant director, and he became GCAS associate director in 2000. For the past 14 years, he has served the global church as GCAS director. In 2020, he developed a “Roadmap to Resilience” [...] Wilson said, noting that in 2018 and 2019, Douglas helped to plant a church and led evangelistic meetings. “He is a humble servant of God; he brings an international perspective,” he said. Douglas

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ADRA’s mission for refugees continues

Refugees refer to settlements in the North of France as "Europe's worst refugee camps”.

Claudette Hannebicque. For years, ADRA Dunkirk’s job has been to distribute food, clothes and hygiene products to refugees. Unfortunately, over the years, the presence on a long term of exiles [...] population. Thus, over the years, the exiles have been parked, relocated, dismantled, or have setteled by themselves in various places. For the distributions ADRA goes and meet them where they are, that [...] organizations such as Doctors without borders opened an humanitarian camp for refugees on March 7, 2016. There, the ADRA team worked in partnership with many other associations to improve the living conditions

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