Before You Click ‘Like’ and ‘Share’

Four biblical principles to change your media sharing and consuming habits for the better

dark ages when I joined Facebook on my computer in 2009, it was a fun place to go. There were few pictures, and they loaded slowly. Mostly, you just found out about what your friends were doing and enjoyed

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Glocal, global or local communications?

s, but also, they need to promote those and their own activities locally, using geotagging each picture, video or update, using local hashtags, and at the same time creating press releases for the local

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Relating to Muslims Christ’s Way

This article tries to understand the foundational fabric of Islam and relate it to a Christian worldview and theology. It invites a Christlike way of relating to people of Islamic worldviews.

Nation or Holy People Redefined and Expanded In the letter that bears his name, the apostle Peter pictures an inclusive community of people of all nations, from all people groups as belonging to the people

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Policy not politics

extra, grafted onto the stock of who we are, but a core responsibility of all those who follow God. Picture: James Standish (RECORD) (1) This editorial draws in large parts from an article I wrote that was

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Comprehensive Health Ministry - What picture does it really paint?

now for sure that God had called us to preach the good news to the Europeans.” 4 What does the picture of comprehensive health ministry really look like? There are four basic markers of this special

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Keeping Church at Arm's Length From State

viewpoints while respecting each other that makes America and all countries that foster freedom great. picture: Ted N. C. Wilson, is the current President of the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist

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A trumpet call for human dignity - A trumpet call for church liberty

financial Advisor, I found my President, I vote for Him! He is my new politician. I now see the big picture. This is the trumpet call, inherent in the biblical law of tithing, for the poor, the weak, the

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Declaration on Second Coming of Jesus

people also know about, predicting that the end of the world will come next year, completes this picture. Seventh-Day Adventists strongly believe in the Second Coming of Jesus, which is the main reason

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Remembering a President  

Former Italian President of the Republic, Oscar Luigi Scalfaro, as remembered by the former Italian President of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Pastor Vincenzo Mazza. 
"A piece of our history h

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