Marianne Thieme: Adventist Animal Rights Politician

say she was an animal rights activist.” She quotes an Ellen White passage from the book “Ministry of Health” to back up her assertion: “Animals are often transported long distances and subjected to [...] not to feel the sense of urgency in Thieme’s words. She urges Adventists to be bolder about the health message they have as a heritage. “Now is the time to stand up and show that you’re involved and

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Why Adventists participate in UN and ecumenical meetings

people to partner to make this world a better place for all human beings, contributing to better health, education, and humanitarian work in all dignity, freedom, justice, peace, and fraternity. All the [...] and nations. Christians can also unite to make the world a better place through the promotion of health, education, humanitarian work, and the promotion and protection of human rights. Read “Adventist [...] them, ministered to their needs, and won their confidence. Then He bade them to follow Him” ( Ministry of Healing , page 143.) Jesus served people, healed them, and fed them with no strings attached

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Comprehensive Health Ministry - What picture does it really paint?

of the Lord Jesus Christ through comprehensive health ministry, done in a way and with an energy not witnessed until now? Comprehensive Health Ministry in Action In Acts 16 we see how Paul and his [...] mental, and spiritual. As every church member embraces comprehensive health ministry, each church becomes a health center for health promotion in the community. We maintain relevance in our communities [...] brought him into a living relationship with his Savior. No single ministry in the church is sufficient to the task of comprehensive health ministry. Instead, we are called to work together, regardless of our

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The Environment

know what an ecological footprint is? It is a unit of measurement used to determine the amount of resources the average person consumes, and how much waste he/she produces annually. It is measured in earth's [...] absorbs annually. Earth Overshoot Day, or Ecological Debt Day is the day when humanity consumes more resources than can be regenerated in a year, creating waste faster than it can be absorbed. Overshoot day [...] cries of alarm taken into account. Declaration of Cernica The association Amicus ( Adventist Ministry to College and University Students) of the Inter- European Region, met in Cernica, Bucharest in

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Interview with Nancy and Ted Wilson

people to Christ and His ministry to each of them----physically, mentally, socially and spiritually. Participate strongly in “Mission to the Cities” and “Comprehensive Health Ministry” as we make Christianity [...] She shares her experience with many at various meetings as we travel. Somehow the Lord sustains our health during the heavy travel schedule and we appreciate so much the many prayers of God's people on our [...] power of the Holy Spirit power as we point people to Christ, His salvation, His righteousness, His ministry for us in the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary and His soon coming. Please pray that God’s

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