theorists.” Their cautions about papal influence in global affairs are dismissed as “hate speech.” Bible-believing Christians have, for 250 years, been both eager for the promise of America as a defender [...] sequence of three tyrannical powers, concluding with the emergence of a “lamblike beast” that many Bible expositors believe symbolizes the United States. Each of these three powers, in turn, wages war “against [...] accomplish the goal of snuffing out religious liberty and freedom of worship is there for all to see who study biblical prophecy. For more than 150 years, Seventh-day Adventists have been scanning the political

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Alberto Raposo: Early Adventist Pioneer in Portugal

An article from the Encyclopedia of Seventh-day Adventists

invited their young Portuguese guest to Sabbath services and to youth meetings. Alberto started to study the Bible and decided to accept the Adventist faith. He was baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist Church [...] Seminary (Seminário Adventista de Portalegre). From 1953 until 1957 he directed the Portuguese Bible Correspondence School. Alberto Fernando Raposo retired from active service in 1957 and died September [...] where he enrolled in the theology program of the Latin Union School. Alberto finished his theology studies in the spring of 1914 and then returned to Portugal. Ministry In 1914, Alberto started

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Theories Study the Bible for yourself and go daily to the true, sure and inexhaustible source: Jesus. Ask the Holy Spirit to be with you. Spend more time with the Bible and in prayer than [...] the confusion presented in Bible prophecy. Probably, the COVID-19 virus will come under control, but "this other virus" will continue until Christ returns. So says the Bible. Therefore, it is in our interest [...] scapegoat. Everything that happens is "part of the conspiracy" and that's it. On the contrary, the Bible tells us: "do not call everything a conspiracy, as they do" ( Isaiah 8:12 ). The truth is that

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Does poverty have a colour?

individual. We can talk more than we do about poverty, dignity, and equality from the pulpit and in Bible study groups without being party-political. We can review the way we as families and as a church spend

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Self-esteem and religion, a complicated relationship

recalled studies with very firm conclusions, but which were made on small samples, made up only of women. Until 1995, when Krause published his conclusions, the researcher noticed that most studies only [...] Christianity. The Bible constantly speaks to people as responsible moral agents. It acknowledges that human nature somewhat limits our abilities because it predisposes us to sin. But the Bible also advocates [...] the sinful nature of man, nurture feelings of guilt and self-doubt. On the other hand there are studies (see, for example, here and here ) that show that a belief in the unconditional love and

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conclusion was that Jesus would come and cleanse the Earth in 1844. However, through much Bible study and prayer these early Adventists learned that the “sanctuary” referred to in Daniel 8:14 is [...] the Most Holy Place, where the Investigative Judgment is taking place. Did you know that the Bible mentions judgment more than 1,000 times? Judgment is a concept seen throughout Scripture, but the

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to volunteer for the armed forces, such as vocational training or studies. Nevertheless, 'because of the non-combatant nature of the Bible, our Church 'encourages no one to join the military,' writes the [...] guidance on issues of military service and conscientious objection. Military service and the Bible In the first chapter of the work, Barna Magyarosi, President of the EUD-BRC, deals with the topic [...] opted for this, although, for a construction soldier, it usually meant exclusion from university studies. Among the young Adventist Christians already baptized, there were very few who did military service

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Why Seventh-day Adventists Are Not Fundamentalists

Adventist historians conference opens with enlightening presentations.

n, which according to Miller, calls for seeing problematic Bible verses through the lens of God’s goodness. “So, for instance, when the Bible spoke about eternal fire,” said Miller, “early Adventists looked [...] sessions, and discussions. Miller’s presentation, entitled “Adventism, Fundamentalism, and the Bible,” provided historical evidence that shows how Adventism, while a Conservative movement, has for the [...] history has skyrocketed in the last few decades, it is essential to provide context to many of those studies. “Adventist history is being transformed,” he said, “but we need to contextualize, to put it in a

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Why Adventist Clergy Avoid Partisan Politics

the United States. Using methods described in the study, they found that approximately 130,000 pastors had registered to vote. According to the study, there are about 5,330 Adventist pastors in the United [...] In a study released June 11, 2017, researchers from Yale and Harvard concluded that Seventh-day Adventist clergy in the United States are the most evenly divided between Democrats and Republicans [...] Republicans when it comes to politics. The study also found that nearly half were not registered to either party. Based on these numbers it might be concluded that the political divide engulfing the nation may

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Marianne Thieme: Adventist Animal Rights Politician

She became a vegetarian during her time at university. Thieme studied at Duno College in Doorwerth, Holland before continuing her studies at the prestigious Sorbonne University in Paris. Later she pursued [...] this view by the actions of politicians from religious parties that promote or justify, with the Bible in hand, unsustainable, unemancipated behaviour and behaviour with a lack of solidarity,” said Thieme

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