Ordination to the church ministry

Norbert Zens received recognition by the church that God has called him for service into His mission

floral gift, together with a warm welcome to the Shepherdess family of pastors and missionaries’ wives, was offered by Elvira Wanitschek, EUD Shepherdess. With the greetings of Pastor Ruben de Abreu [...] change anything for me?” Zens asks, “Yes and no. No, because I know that God has called me into this ministry and, therefore, this calling is not dependent on ordination. Yes, because it changed a lot as it

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The Inter-European Region Female Pastors Meet in Friedensau for the first time.

Family Ministries Director Rainer Wanitschek and his wife Elvira, Shepherdess Director, administratively and friendly assisted by Rebecca Dierolf. Support coming from the Women’s Ministries Department [...] high quality program, presented by gifted professional women like Esther Knott, Director of the In Ministry Center and Associate Director, NAD Ministerial, from the U.S., who shared her personal experiences [...] experience of the majority of the female Pastors present. We all are convinced of our call to the Ministry. And this divine mission has been suppressed and doubted by people in our Church. The pain and suffering

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Religion Peace and Security

AIDLR and Seventh-day Adventists propose solutions for Religious Minorities, Refugees and Migrants to the United Nations in Geneva during the second Global Summit co-organized by AIDLR and the United Nations on Religion, Peace and Security

Dorn, Director of Women’s Ministry; Elza Cozzi, Children’s Ministries Director; Rainer Wanitschek, EUD Ministerial and Family Ministries Director; Elvira Wanitschek, Shepherdess Director; Paolo Benini, Adventist [...] the five different actors must partner with representatives at all levels including: national (Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Justice, Education and Culture), regional (such as the European Union, the [...] Adventist Mission, Personal Ministries & Sabbath School Director; Judge Dr. Harald Mueller at Hanover Court as a delegate of German Unions; Paulo Sergio Macedo, Director of Education, Public Affairs and

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Romania: National Convention of Pastoral Wives

'Copilot to Heaven'

through practical advice on the shepperdess life of ministry. The pastor's wife's life is sometimes disturbed, and for those moments the shepherdesses learned how to be good with themselves, with the [...] Wives, held in Stupini between March 30 and April 1, 2018, represents a short layover for the shepherdesses who want a restoration of their energy and vitality. The presentations and activities of this [...] "Flight Guide" - the Bible. Janet Page, General Conference associate ministerial secretary for Shepherdess International, Elvira Wanitschek, Shepperdess director of Inter-European Division, Diana Gavajuc

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Adventist Church Makes Strides in World’s Biggest Cities

Eighty churches and 15 “centers of influence” open in cities of more than 1 million people.

through a prayer list published in Shepherdess, a Ministerial-produced magazine for pastors’ wives. Other Ministerial media also regularly highlight the cities, including Ministry magazine, Elder’s Digest, and [...] world church department leaders described their roles in furthering Mission to the Cities. Women's ministries director Heather-Dawn Small spoke of numerous initiatives led by women around the world. Most recently

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Reformation Continued… Third part

Year-End Meeting of Inter-European Division - The Department Reports

will be the centenary of the existence of its ministry. It also presented information once again on the Combined Women‘s, Family, Children‘s Ministries Convention that will be held September [...] operational votes. Shepherdess International proposed a new initiative in the Ministerial family: Adventist Pastors’ Kids Ministries: The majority [...] the Secretary were addressed to Hochstrasser for her dedication to this ministry. Youth Ministries report was presented by the former director, Stephan Sigg, and

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New election at the Inter-European Region

The year-end meeting of the Executive Committee of the EUD is being held in Bucharest, Romania, from October 28 until November 3

following missing positions: Secretary Ministerial Association, Family Ministry, Shepherdess, Education Department, Chaplaincy Ministry, Stewardship, Publishing, Spirit of Prophecy, Ethnic Group Coordination [...] Ministerial Secretary and Family Ministries Director of the EUD. According to past practices, his wife Elvira has been chosen as coordinator of Shepherdess, a ministry in favour of pastors’ wives. She [...] Pastor Marius Monteanu (age 43) will lead the Education Department and the Chaplaincy Ministry. He completed a BA in Theology at Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania and a Master

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The new EUD Team

The delegates voted at unanimity the proposal of the Nominating Committee.

Children’s Ministries and Children’s Sabbath School: Elsa Cozzi Communication: Corrado Cozzi Education and Chaplaincy: to be voted at the Year-end Executive Committee Health Ministries: Valerie Dufour [...] the Year-end Executive Committee Sabbath School and Personal Ministries: Paolo Benini (Service) Global Mission: Paolo Benini Shepherdess: to be voted at the Year-end Executive Committee (Service) Spiritual [...] Year-end Executive Committee Trust Service and Giving: Norbert Zens Women’s Ministries: Denise Horchtrasser Youth Ministries: Stephan Sigg The delegates voted at unanimity the proposal of the Nominating

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Mario Brito elected as Inter-European Division President

In 2010 he was elected Ministerial and Chaplaincy Director at the EUD.

USA, at the 2005 General Conference Session, he was elected as EUD Sabbath School, Personal Ministries and Stewardship director, but remained also Union President in Portugal for one year more. In [...] and Chaplaincy Director at the EUD. Pastor Mario Brito is married with Maria José Brito, Shepherdess director at the EUD. They have a daughter, Estela Abigail, married with adventist Pastor Cesare

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KID Convention: No Limit to Challenges!

Bern, May 20, 2014. [Elsa Cozzi; CD- EUDNews]. A special convention was held in Florence from May 1-4 for everyone involved in the Inter-European Kids In Discipleship project of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Kids in Discipleship (KID) is a project aim

department and ministries leaders that are connected with the KID project and discipleship: Mario and Maria-José Brito with Ministerial Association and Shepherdess, Paul Benini with Personal Ministries and Sabbath [...] Director of the General Conference Children's Ministry (CHM), Don MacLafferty, executive director of Kids World Ministry in Discipleship, Bonita Shields, Sabbath School director for ages 9-16, Dr. Kiti Freier [...] that we encounter every day and encourage each other for the future", says Elsa Cozzi, Children's Ministry Director and Event Manager. This convention also included families and individual members

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