Women’s Weekend in Linz, Austria, November 20-21, 2021

Daniela Gelbrich explains the Bible Story of Ruth

attendance feeling that they were being directly addressed. Her first topic was presented as the Sabbath sermon for the whole church with about 100 present and more than 110 on the live stream from around Austria

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2,000 Baptized in the Philippines, 500 of them former rebels

Thousands were recently baptized in the Philippines following an AWR four-year TIM project.

every church member to bring someone to Jesus. AWR leased time on local radio stations for sermons and Bible studies ahead of evangelistic meetings that year. The broadcasts were a smashing success

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Women’s Ministries National Convention  in Spain

Inspired by His Love

Ministries Director, who encouraged and counseled us in our projects. She also preached the Sabbath sermon with the title “You are worth it“. Different dynamic workshops offered tools to the directors so

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Adventists Pray for God to Open Doors to the Gospel in North Korea

Leaders and church members gather near the Korean Demilitarized Zone to pray.

banned from doing so due to COVID-19, they are conducting worship at their camp. Kim preached a sermon titled “The God Who Opens the Door” and highlighted that God has the authority to do precisely that

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Latin American Church in Italy against Violence against Women

Public demonstration and conference in Vimodrone

organized in the church. In fact, on Saturday, November 30, the day at the church began with a sermon by Franca Zucca, former director of Women's Ministries in Italy and now the Women’s Ministries liaison

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Women’s  Sabbath in Luebeck, Hanse Conference, Germany

What does Respect Mean

women deepened the theme of the sermon and experienced various things t four activity points. The accompanying men also elsewhere in the afternoon for a discussion on the sermon and a barbecue. I could see

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This year’s Creation Sabbath is on October 23rd. Creation Sabbath is always on the 4th Sabbath of October.

a painter, a sculptor, or a group of graffiti artists to create a work of art on stage during the sermon or Sabbath afternoon activities, or organize an art contest with a nature theme. We were appointed

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Global Women’s Ministries Conference

I will go

(WEST (UTC) Lisbon 11:00 / CEST (UTC+1) Berlin 12:00 / EEST (UTC+2) Sofia 13:00). You will hear sermons and seminar presentations on the Women’s Ministries Key areas nurture, empower, outreach and prayer

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Women’s Ministries Sabbath in Greifswald, Hanse Conference

I am worthy because I am affirmed by God

speaker. After the church service in the morning, 26 women stayed for the afternoon program. In her sermon, Renate Dost reflected on the greatness of God’s love for us, His children. “Since you are precious

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Woman, Dream Big

June 12, 2021

team wanted to pass on to women and also to men; set them on the path to take action. During her sermon, Karine Eloidin, pastor-treasurer of the North France Conference, through the story of Esther, led

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