ADRA to Airlift Tons of Medical Aid to Help India Battle COVID-19

Adventist Church and Adventist Health International join to rush relief to the country.

The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) is preparing to airlift critical medical supplies and several oxygen generation systems to ease India’s coronavirus health crisis. The humanitar

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Woman of the Year Awards Recognize Living Adventist Women for Their Contributions to the Mission of the Church

List of Awards

Seventh-day Adventist Church. Honored as Adventist Women of the Year 2019 are Carla Baker, Helen Gulfan, Iris Kitching, Andrea Luxton, and Hannele Ottschofski. The awards ceremony was held during Annual Council [...] directors: Carla Baker (North American Division) and Helen Gulfan (Southern Asia-Pacific Division). Iris Kitching worked as administrative assistant to general vice presidents of the General Conference of [...] org/adventist-woman-of-the-year-award-2019 2019 Carla Baker Helen B. Gulfan Iris Kitching Andrea Luxton Hannele Ottschofski 2016 Audrey E. Andersson Odette R. Ferreira

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GC Annual Council: 2019 woman of the year award

Five women recognized for their service to the church.

Luxton, President of Andrews University, Carla Baker, NAD WM Director, Helen Gulfan, SSD WM Director, Iris Kitching and Hannele Ottschofski from Germany. A laudation written by Denise Hochstrasser, former

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New Director of Health Ministries at the Inter-European Division

Madrid, Spain. [CD-EUDNews, Corrado Cozzi]. The Executive Committee of the Inter-European Division (EUD), presently meeting in Madrid, Spain at it´s Year-End session, elected today Valérie Dufour as the new Director for the Division´s Health Ministries De

continue to work with Ruben Ferreira, Assistant Director for Communication in Health Ministries and Iris Ladislas, Administrative Assistant. picture: Bruno Vertallier, EUD President, with Valérie Dufour

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