Uncertainty Projects – Season 2 World Premiere

‘Uncertainty’ explores the most common feeling globally shared in our world today: uncertainty. The project explores the feeling of uncertainty, it scrutinizes it, and it offers a spiritual escape route.

collaborations. The project started on February 2019 and was inaugurated in May 2020, during a GAiN Europe event online (due to COVID-19). The work followed a ‘ Potluck Model’ (community-centered [...] Project - Season 2 Since the COVID-19 pandemic continued during 2020 and part of 2021, the GAIN Team and the coordination team decided to continue producing new materials and resources until the

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Promising “I Will Go” Strategic Plan update shared at Annual Council meetings

then outlined how they are continuing their integrated approach to evangelism, with projects like GAiN Conference, Adventist Communication Training (ACT), Heroes II, the Digital Evangelism Initiative,

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Annual Council 2021 Treasury Report Emphasizes Positive Gains, Encourages Investment in Mission

unrealized portion of those gains, we have accounted for approximately USD 2 million that have been received in actual cash. This amount that would be described as realized gains is 44.8 percent more than

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The Seventh-day Adventist Church Works to Overcome Challenges of COVID-19 and Reach People for Christ

The Secretariat Report for the 2021 Annual Council focuses on the mission and determination of the Adventist Church during the pandemic.

attrition after 2020? Trim notes we now have 56 years of well detailed statistics on membership gains and losses, including 2020. Since 1965 42,225, 021 people have been members of the Seventh-day Adventist

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worked hard to gain all the necessary permissions to visit and film in this historically important but high security region. Even with those permissions it was an answer to prayer to gain entrance past

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European Adventist communicators train to excel in Journalism ability

‘Transparency is a critical currency for Journalism’

Millennials generally tend to trust less in institutions, which means institutions have to work harder to gain and maintain their trust. “And when Millennials do dig deeper, the most important qualities that

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“Treating smoking is like freeing a person from slavery”

May 31 is World No Tobacco Day

slavery,” highlighted Dr. Mangiariacina. “Tobacco treatment is a liberation! The ones who quit smoking gain dignity, health, and a lot of money. Saving the money of cigarettes during a lifetime could allow

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Video premiere on May 15, 2021! A beautiful and inspirational video highlighting God’s wonderful design in Creation and the meaning of the Creation days and set-up for the thriving of humans, animals and plants.

Scientific investigations on human longevity have particularly started to gain a large audience in 2005 with the Blue Zones Studies and the National Geographic article on the “Secrets to living longer”

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European Divisions collaborate to teach family ministries online

"We live in a time when restoring relations in families are crucial"

generations. As always, Dr Mihalec combined a deep analysis of the Scriptures with the experience gained through his dynamic ministry. He encouraged a serious change in our approach to winning people for

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Adventist communicators face the digital challenge

The third day of the Global Adventist Innovation Network.

to 2020, thanks to the precious input of past GAiN conventions. “The excellence of these fulfilled projects is owing to the great teamwork of all the GAiN communicators,” he emphasized. To view these projects [...] Wednesday, April 21, 2021, was the last day of GAIN 2021 , still online due to the current pandemic. Approximately 100 participants are present, including professionals, leaders and workers within the [...] most of whom are from Europe, with some representatives from Asia, Africa, and the Americas. GAIN 2021 is organized by the two European divisions of the Seventh-day Adventist Church: the Inter-European

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